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Training & Support for Ringers

Training Support Scheme, Learning a Method & Understanding the Blue Line, Ringing up and down in peal, Plain Methods resume at the GHRC …

Email Delivery

I have noticed that emails sent to forwarding addresses ( or are sometimes being delivered to spam or even fail to be delivered.… Read More »Email Delivery

Practising Methods At Home

With the current social distancing, it is unlikely we are going to meet for practice for quite some time. If you need help learning a method, we are here to help you …

Learning Methods – Online Workshop

During the lock-down, in order to keep up our interest, we should use our time wisely. One way is to learn a new method. If you are not be sure how to go about it – this course will help you do so, learn about blue lines, place notation and how it all works (you don’t even need to be able to ring to learn a method) …