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Association Towers

Prospective visitors are reminded to confirm practice and service ringing times (click on the tower link for contact details) before starting a journey.

For Ringing Room practices, please follow the links to the contact page, and email the tower to obtain joining details.

TowerBellsWeightPractice NightService RingingDistrictPost Code
Alfreton (St Martin)810-2-27 (546kg) in GWed 7.30-9.00 visitors welcome, but please email first. 09:00-09:30 ChesterfieldDE55 7AH
Allestree (St Edmund)38-0-26 (418kg) in ACentralDE22 2DZ
Allestree (The Green Ring)60-0-14 (6Kg)By arrangementSouthernDE22 2RH
Alvaston (St Michael & All Angels)617-1-3 (878kg) in FMon 7:30 (Except BH)10:15-10:45SouthernDE24 0QF
Ashbourne (St Oswald)813-1-21 (683kg) in EWed 7:30-9:0010:00-10:30; 6:00-6:30CentralDE6 1AN
Ashford in the Water (Holy Trinity)66-0-6 (308kg) in BTue 7:00-8:309:00-9:40PeakDE45 1QB
Ashover (All Saints)1018-0-10 (919kg) in ETue 7:30-9:0009.45 - 10.45PeakS45 0AB
Aston on Trent (All Saints)69-3-15 (502kg) in F#Mon 7.30pm for beginners, with the main practice being at 8.00pm10:00-10:30SouthernDE72 2AZ
Ault Hucknall (St John the Baptist)87-2-7 (384kg) in G#ChesterfieldS44 5QH
Bakewell (All Saints)816-3-21 (860kg) in FThu 7:30-9:0010.00 - 10.30 PeakDE45 1FD
Bamford in the Peak (St John the Baptist)64-0-26 (215kg) in DWed 7:30-9:00 (1st & 3rd) by arrangement10:30-11:00 by arrangementPeakS33 0AY
Barlborough (St James)611-2-16 (591kg) in F#Monday 7pm to 8pm9:30-10:00 (see church website for service schedules).ChesterfieldS43 4ER
Barrow upon Trent (St Wilfrid)39cwt (~450kg) in GSouthernDE73 7HD
Baslow (St Anne)67-3-15 (401kg) in Abby arrangementInfrequentPeakDE45 1RY
Beeley (St Anne)36-0-11 (310kg) in Bb.PeakDE4 2NT
Beighton (St Mary the Virgin)68-3-22 (454kg) in GChesterfieldS20 1EJ
Belper (St Peter)814-0-26 (723kg) in F#Wed 7:30-9:0010:00-10:45CentralDE56 1FU
Belper (Campanile)60-0-10 (4.5Kg)Sun (by arrangement)CentralDE56 1UZ
Blackwell (St Werburgh)67-2-0 (381kg) in AMon 7:00-8:30ChesterfieldDE55 5HZ
Bolsover (Ss Mary & Lawrence)814-3-1 (750kg) in GTuesday 7:30-9:00Sunday 9 - 9:30ChesterfieldS44 6HB
Bonsall (St James the Apostle)67-2-8 (385kg) in BbMon 7:30-9:009:00 (1st & 3rd), 10:30 (2nd), (none 4th & 5th)PeakDE4 2AA
Brackenfield (Holy Trinity)64-3-17 (249kg) in Dby arrangement8:45-9:15 (by arrangement)PeakDE55 6AN
Bradbourne (All Saints)68-3-15 (451kg) in G#PeakDE6 1PA
Brailsford (All Saints)610-0-14 (514kg) in GWed 7:30 (Occasional)10:00-10:45 (2nd and 4th Sundays) (Services not always held - contact before travelling)CentralDE6 3AA
Brassington (St James)68-0-26 (418kg) in AFri 7:30-9:00 (2nd & 4th) Fri (5th) elsewhere1st & 3rd 9:00-9:25PeakDE4 4HJ
Breadsall (All Saints)813cwt - 3qr - 21lbWed 7:30-9:00 (please check - Quarter Peals arranged on an ad hoc basis)9:45-10:15; (PM Irregular)SouthernDE21 5LD
Breaston (St Michael)67-1-14 (375kg) in AbThu 7:45-9:0010.00-10.30SouthernDE72 3DZ
Burbage (Christ Church)69-0-2 (458kg) in GMon 7:00-8:30 (contact Secretary to confirm)9:00-9:30PeakSK17 9AA
Castleton (St Edmund)811-2-0 (584kg) in EbInfrequentPeakS33 8WH
Chaddesden (St Mary)311cwt (~550kg) in GSouthernDE21 6LS
Chapel en le Frith (St Thomas a Becket)611cwt (~550kg) in GTue 7:30-9:0010:00-10:30PeakSK23 0ET
Chellaston (St Peter)64-3-19 (250kg) in CFri 5:30-7:00By arrangementSouthernDE73 6TS
Chelmorton (St John the Baptist)58-3-24 (455kg) in APeakSK17 9SN
Chesterfield (St Mary & All Saints)1025-1-5 (1285kg) in DMon 7:30-9:00 pmSunday 9:45-10:30; evensong by arrangementChesterfieldS41 7TD
Church Broughton (St Michael & All Angels)67-2-8 (385kg) in AbThu 7:30-9:00 (1st, 3rd)9:30-10:00 (1st)CentralDE65 5BB
Church Gresley (Ss George & Mary)68-0-3 (408kg) in GMon 7:00-9:00 using the simulator at St George, TicknallNone at present due to long term access issues.SouthernDE11 9PT
Clay Cross (St Bartholomew)68-2-16 (439kg) in AFri 7:30-8:45 - visitors please contact first9:30-10:00ChesterfieldS45 9DZ
Clowne (St John the Baptist)67-2-12 (386kg) in BbTue 7:00-8:30 (1st, 3rd & 5th)ChesterfieldS43 4DP
Creswell (St Mary Magdalene)812-2-4 (637kg) in F#Thu 7:00-8:3010:15-10:45ChesterfieldS80 4ES
Crich (St Mary)812-1-9 (626kg) in F#.Ringing severely restricted (back six only) due to problems with the frame. Not available for outings.ChesterfieldDE4 5DJ
Cubley (St Andrew)49-1-18 (478kg) in F#Tue (or Wed) 7:00-9:30CentralDE6 2EY
Darley Dale (St Helen)815-2-2 (788kg) in FWed 7:30-9:001st, 3rd, 4th - 10:15-11:00 2nd, 5th - irregular 9:15-10:00 (check in advance)PeakDE4 2GL
Denby (St Mary the Virgin)69-3-20 (504kg) in GWed 7:30-9:00 (alternate weeks)9:15-10:00CentralDE5 8PG
Derby (All Saints Cathedral)1019-0-1 (966kg) in DbTue 7:30-9:0010:00-10:45; Evensong by arrangementSouthernDE1 3DY
Derby (St Luke)830-3-2 (1563kg) in DbNone8:30-9:00 (check before attending)SouthernDE22 3RN
Derby (St Peter)812-1-5 (625kg) in F#Mon 7:30-9:0010:00-10:45SouthernDE1 1SN
Dinting Vale (Holy Trinity)612½cwt (~625kg) in GNo ringing at Dinting Vale due to bells being unsafe to ring. Ringing by arrangement at St James Whitfield now cancelled. Bells are awaiting repair.No service ringingPeakSK13 6NX
Doveridge (St Cuthbert)59-2-15 (489kg) in G10:30-11:00 (1st by appointment due to United Service)CentralDE6 5NP
Dronfield (St John the Baptist)812-3-20 (657kg) in F#Tue 7:30-9:009:00-9:30ChesterfieldS18 1QX
Duffield (St Alkmund)1017-2-11 (894kg) in ETue 7:30-9:009:30-10:00; Evening by arrangementCentralDE56 4BA
Eckington (Ss Peter & Paul)816-0-14 (819kg) in E.Thu 7:30-9:009:00-9:30ChesterfieldS21 4EP
Edensor (St Peter)612-0-23 (620kg) in Gno practice10:00-10.45 (2nd)PeakDE45 1PJ
Egginton (St Wilfrid)37-0-7 (359kg) in A#Tuesdays 5.30 - 6.159:00-9:30CentralDE65 6HS
Elmton (St Peter)36-3-10 (347kg)ChesterfieldS80 4LU
Elton (All Saints)65-2-13 (285kg) in BThu 7:30-9:00Best checked at the team ministry website as we have alternate morning and evening service times with various arrangements for 5th Sunday'sPeakDE4 2BY
Elvaston (St Bartholomew)48½cwt (~425kg)SouthernDE72 3EP
Etwall (St Helen)6 8-2-24 (443kg) in AbTue (8:00 by arrangement)10:30-11:00; (PM by arrangement)CentralDE65 6LP
Eyam (St Lawrence)66-3-0 (343kg) in AWed 6.00 - 7.00 p.m.10:30-10:50PeakS32 5QG
Fairfield, Buxton (St Peter)812-0-10 (614kg) in F#Fri 7:00-8:30 (check first)9:30-10:00PeakSK17 7EA
Fenny Bentley (St Edmund, King & Martyr)34cwt (~200Kg)CentralDE6 1LB
Foremark (St Saviour)48-2-12 (437kg) in AbSouthernDE65 6EJ
Glossop (All Saints)817-0-13 (870kg) in F.Thu 7:30-8:3010:00-10:30PeakSK13 7RU
Great Longstone (St Giles)69-3-19 (504kg) in AIrregularIrregularPeakDE45 1TB
Hartington (St Giles)89-0-5 (459kg) in A.Tue 7:30-9:00 p.m.9:30-10:00 (1st, 2nd and 3rd)PeakSK17 0AS
Hartshorne (St Peter)67-1-14 (375kg) in G#.Thu 7:30-9.00 10:00-10:45SouthernDE11 7ER
Hathersage (St Michael and All Angels)611-2-10 (589kg) in F#Wed 7:30-9:00 (2nd & 4th)9:00-9:30PeakS32 1AJ
Hayfield (St Matthew)810-2-21 (543kg) in AbWed 7:00-8:3010:30-11:00PeakSK22 2ER
Heanor (St Lawrence)815-2-4 (789kg) in ETue9:15-10:00CentralDE75 7AG
Heath (All Saints)514-2-26 (748kg) in F#ChesterfieldS44 5SD
Hope (St Peter)814-1-22 (734kg) in F#Tue 7:30 – 9:00 PeakS33 6ZG
Horsley (St Clement)612-2-11 (640kg) in FMon 7:30-9:009:30-10:15 (not 5th)CentralDE21 5FB
Ilkeston (St Mary the Virgin)817-0-9 (868kg) in EThu 7:30 to 9:00Alternate 9:30-10:00SouthernDE7 5HY
Killamarsh (St Giles)610-3-26 (558kg) in F#Wednesday 7.00pm to 8.30pmSpecial Services onlyChesterfieldS21 1AS
Kirk Hallam (All Saints)34-2-3 (230kg) in CTue 7:00-8:009:00-9:30; 17:30-17:50SouthernDE7 4ND
Little Eaton ('St Oulton' Campanile)121-1-11 (68kg) in BbCentralDE21 5EQ
Long Eaton (St Laurence)86-2-6 (333kg) in Bb.Tue 7:30-9:00 (alternate with Sawley)9:00-9:30SouthernNG10 1LT
Longford (St Chad)615-0-23 (772kg) in F9:30-10:00 (3rd)CentralDE6 3DS
Lullington (All Saints)613-2-22 (696kg) in F#SouthernDE12 8EG
Mackworth (All Saints)38cwt (~400Kg) in GCentralDE22 4NH
Marchington (St Peter)610-1-24 (532kg) in GNo ringing @ Marchington due to lack of ringersCentralST14 8NQ
Marston Montgomery (St Giles)34cwt (~200kg) in EbCentralDE6 2FF
Marston on Dove (St Mary)48-1-22 (429kg) in GCentralDE65 5GB
Matlock (St Giles)814-0-0 (711kg) in FThu 7:45-9:009:00-9:25PeakDE4 3BW
Mayfield (St John the Baptist)611-2-19 (593kg) in GCentralDE6 2JR
Melbourne (St Michael with St Mary)1215-1-24 (786kg) in F#.Tue 7:30-9:00, also 12 Bell Practices (see Calendar).9:50-10:30; 6:00-6:30SouthernDE73 8JH
Mickleover (All Saints)37cwt (~350Kg)SouthernDE3 0EZ
Monyash (St Leonard)38-3-1 (445kg) in A.IrregularPeakDE45 1JH
Morley (St Matthew)45cwt (~250kg) in C#.10:30-11:00CentralDE7 6DE
Morton (Holy Cross)64-3-7 (244kg) in Bb.Wed 7:30-9:00 (may be irregular)10:00-10:30 (1st & 2nd)ChesterfieldDE55 6GU
Mugginton (All Saints)67-2-24 (392kg) in G#Thu 7:30-9:001st Sunday 15.45-16.00, 4th Sunday 8.45-9.30, occasionally 5th Sunday 9.45-10.30CentralDE6 4PG
Netherseal (St Peter)811-2-7 (587kg) in GMon 7:30-9:00 (1st & 2nd)9:30-10:15 (1st & 2nd)SouthernDE12 8DF
New Mills (St George)813-1-0 (673kg) in G#.Fri 7.30 - 9.009.30-10.00am (by arrangement)PeakSK22 4PF
Newhall (St John)610-3-21 (556kg) in GNoneNoneSouthernDE11 0HY
Newton Solney (St Mary the Virgin)35-3-11 (297kg) in ASouthernDE15 0SR
Norbury (Ss Mary & Barlok)38cwt (~400kg) in A#.Wed: 7:00-8:30 (by arrangement)On request CentralDE6 2EQ
North Wingfield (St Lawrence)817-3-21 (911kg) in ETue 7:30-8:309:30ChesterfieldS42 5HX
Ockbrook (All Saints)65-1-26 (279kg) in AThu 7:45-9:0010:30-11:00 (check first)SouthernDE72 3RB
Old Brampton (Ss Peter & Paul)612-0-9 (614kg) in AbMon 19:00-21:00 Visitors welcome - please check first before travellingSun 08:45-09:30ChesterfieldS42 7JG
Old Whittington (St Bartholomew)65-0-20 (263kg) in CFri 7:30-9:0010:15-11:00ChesterfieldS41 9QY
Osmaston (St Martin)615-3-19 (809kg) in FNoneBy arrangementCentralDE6 1LX
Overseal (St Matthew)89-3-1 (496kg) in AbMon 7:30-9:00 (3rd, 4th & 5th)9.45-10:30 (3rd & last)SouthernDE12 6LR
Pentrich (St Matthew)610-1-17 (528kg) in GTue 7:30 (2nd, 4th)ChesterfieldDE5 3RE
Pinxton (St Helen)85-2-8 (283kg) in CChesterfieldNG16 6NR
Pleasley (St Michael)515-2-7 (791kg) in F#ChesterfieldNG19 7TD
Radbourne (St Andrew)33-0-19 (161kg) in CBy arrangementBy arrangementCentralDE6 4LY
Repton (St Wystan)817-3-0 (902kg) in EThu 7:309:15-9:45; 6:00-6:30SouthernDE65 6FH
Riddings (St James)10Tubular Bells9:00-9:15 (by arrangement)ChesterfieldDE55 4BW
Ripley (All Saints)816-2-8 (842kg) in FWed (alternate)CentralDE5 3BW
Rosliston (St Mary)35cwt (~250kg)SouthernDE12 8JU
Sandiacre (St Giles)610-2-23 (544kg) in F#Thu 7:30-9:008:45-9:30; 6:00-6:30 (1st)SouthernNG10 5EB
Sawley (All Saints)89-3-4 (497kg) in GTue 7:30-9:00 (alternate with Long Eaton)10:00-10:30SouthernNG10 3AR
Scarcliffe (St Leonard)810-3-3 (547kg) in GChesterfieldS44 6TD
Scropton (St Paul)32-1-23 (125kg) in E10:15 (1st); 14:45 (2nd & 5th); 9:15 (4th)CentralDE65 5PP
Shardlow (St James)612-1-24 (633kg) in GTue 7:45IrregularSouthernDE72 2GP
Shirland (St Leonard)68-0-18 (415kg) in GMonday 7:30 pmCheck locallyChesterfieldDE55 6BJ
Shirley (St Michael)35cwt (~250kg)CentralDE6 3AS
Snelston (St Peter)35cwt (~250kg)CentralDE6 2DJ
South Normanton (St Michael)68-3-0 (445kg) in F#ChesterfieldDE55 2BT
South Wingfield (All Saints)68-3-10 (449kg) in G.ChesterfieldDE55 7NY
Spondon (St Werburgh)68-1-18 (427kg) in GMon 7:00 (by arrangement)9:30-10:00SouthernDE21 7LJ
Stanton by Dale (St Michael & All Angels)810-2-1 (534kg) in AbMon 7:30-9:00 (not bank holidays)10:00-10:20SouthernDE7 4QE
Stanton in Peak (Holy Trinity)64-0-20 (212kg) in DMon 8:00-9:00Check locallyPeakDE4 2LU
Staveley (St John the Baptist)817-2-17 (897kg) in EbNo practice9:00-9:30 (may be irregular)ChesterfieldS43 3TN
Stoney Middleton (St Martin)35cwt (~250kg) in EbPeakS32 4TN
Sudbury (All Saints)69-3-0 (495kg) in FCentralDE6 5HT
Sutton on the Hill (St Michael)612-0-18 (618kg) in F#Thu 7:30-9:00 (2nd, 4th, 5th)10:30-11:00 (by arrangement)CentralDE6 5JF
Sutton Scarsdale (St Mary)47-3-10 (398kg) in AbNo ringing taking placeNo ringing taking placeChesterfieldS44 5UR
Swanwick (St Andrew)617-2-17 (897kg) in F2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6.30-8:00 pmBy arrangementChesterfieldDE55 1AN
Taddington (St Michael)46cwt (~300kg) in Bb.By arrangementIrregular, by arrangementPeakSK17 9TU
Thorpe (St Leonard)34-3-26 (253kg) in CCentralDE6 2AW
Tibshelf (St John the Baptist)69-1-0 (470kg) in F#Mon 7:00-8:3010:30-11:00ChesterfieldDE55 5NU
Ticknall (St George)109-1-26 (482kg) in AWed 7:30-9:008:45-9:15(1st, 2nd, 4th) 10:00-10:30 (3rd)SouthernDE73 7JU
Tideswell (St John the Baptist)813-0-11 (665kg) in F#Fri 7:30-9:00Sun: 9:00-9:30 5th Sunday variable.PeakSK17 8NU
Tissington (St Mary)37cwt (~350kg) in Cby arrangementby arrangementPeakDE6 1RA
Tutbury (St Mary)810-2-5 (536kg) in F#Thu 7:30-9:00 (2nd & 4th)9:30-10:00 (2nd & 3rd)CentralDE13 9JE
Walton on Trent (St Lawrence)38-2-16 (439kg) in GSouthernDE12 8NA
West Hallam (St Wilfrid of York)89-1-6 (473kg) in BbTue 7:30-9:0010:15-11:00 (1st and 3rd)SouthernDE7 6GS
Weston on Trent (St Mary the Virgin)35-3-6 (295kg) in DSouthernDE72 2DR
Whitfield, Glossop (St James the Great)814-3-8 (753kg) in F#Limited ringingLimited ringingPeakSK13 8JJ
Whitwell (St Lawrence)36cwt (~300kg)ChesterfieldS80 4QX
Wingerworth (All Saints)511-0-9 (563kg) in GTuesday 7.00 - 8.30 pm (Please check before attending) Alternate weeks with North Wingfield9:00-9:30ChesterfieldS42 6PL
Winshill (St Mark)617-0-14 (870kg) in FTue 7:3010:00-10:30SouthernDE15 0HZ
Winster (St John the Baptist)5IrregularPeakDE4 2DQ
Wirksworth (St Mary)814-1-13 (730kg) in FFri (1st & 3rd) 7:30-9:00 Fri (5th) elsewhere9:00-9:25 (2nd & 4th)PeakDE4 4DQ
Wormhill (St Margaret)61-1-9 (68kg) in BPeakSK17 8SL
Youlgreave (All Saints)1323-2-24 (1205kg) in DTue 7:30-9:00 (10/12 Bell Practice 4th Tuesday 7:00pm, otherwise by arrangement)10:30-11:00 (most Sundays)PeakDE45 1WL