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Practice Nights

Prospective visitors are reminded to confirm practice times (click on the tower link for contact details) first.


TowerBellsWeightPractice NightDistrictPost Code
Alvaston (St Michael & All Angels)617-1-3 (878kg) in FMon 7:00 (Except BH)SouthernDE24 0QF
Aston on Trent (All Saints)69-3-15 (502kg) in F#Mon 7.30pm for beginners, with the main practice being at 8.00pmSouthernDE72 2AZ
Barlborough (St James)611-2-16 (591kg) in F#Monday 7pm to 8pmChesterfieldS43 4ER
Blackwell (St Werburgh)67-2-0 (381kg) in AMon 7:00-8:30ChesterfieldDE55 5HZ
Bonsall (St James the Apostle)67-2-8 (385kg) in BbMon 7:30-9:00PeakDE4 2AA
Burbage (Christ Church)69-0-2 (458kg) in GMon 7:00-8:30 (contact Secretary to confirm)PeakSK17 9AA
Chesterfield (St Mary & All Saints)1025-1-5 (1285kg) in DMon 7:30-9:00 pmChesterfieldS41 7TD
Creswell (St Mary Magdalene)812-2-4 (637kg) in F#Monday 7:00-8:30ChesterfieldS80 4ES
Derby (St Peter)812-1-5 (625kg) in F#Mon 7:30-9:00SouthernDE1 1SN
Horsley (St Clement)612-2-11 (640kg) in FMon 7:30-9:00CentralDE21 5BR
Lullington (All Saints)613-2-22 (696kg) in F#Mondays 7:30pm-9:00pm monthly, please checkSouthernDE12 8EG
Netherseal (St Peter)811-2-7 (587kg) in GMon 7:30-9:00 (1st & 2nd)SouthernDE12 8DF
Old Brampton (Ss Peter & Paul)612-0-9 (614kg) in AbMon 19:00-21:00 - Visitors welcome - please check first before travellingChesterfieldS42 7JG
Overseal (St Matthew)89-3-1 (496kg) in AbMon 7:30-9:00 (3rd, 4th & 5th)SouthernDE12 6LR
Shirland (St Leonard)68-0-18 (415kg) in GMonday 7:30 pmChesterfieldDE55 6BJ
Spondon (St Werburgh)68-1-18 (427kg) in GMon 7:00 (by arrangement)SouthernDE21 7LJ
Stanton by Dale (St Michael & All Angels)810-2-1 (534kg) in AbMon 7:30-9:00 (not bank holidays)SouthernDE7 4QE
Stanton in Peak (Holy Trinity)64-0-20 (212kg) in DMon 7.30 - 9:00PeakDE4 2LU
Tibshelf (St John the Baptist)69-1-0 (470kg) in F#Mon 7:00-8:30ChesterfieldDE55 5NU


TowerBellsWeightPractice NightDistrictPost Code
Ashford in the Water (Holy Trinity)66-0-6 (308kg) in BTue 7:00-8:30PeakDE45 1QB
Ashover (All Saints)1018-0-10 (919kg) in ETue 7:30-9:00PeakS45 0AB
Bolsover (Ss Mary & Laurence)814-3-1 (750kg) in GTuesday 7:30-9:00ChesterfieldS44 6HB
Castleton (St Edmund)811-2-0 (584kg) in EbTuesday 6pm to 7.20pm or later (Simulator) Thursday 7pm to 9pm open ringing. Visitors very welcomePeakS33 8WH
Chapel en le Frith (St Thomas a Becket)611cwt (~550kg) in GTue 7:30-9:00PeakSK23 0ET
Clowne (St John the Baptist)67-2-12 (386kg) in BbTue 7:00-8:30 (1st, 3rd & 5th)ChesterfieldS43 4DP
Cubley (St Andrew)49-1-18 (478kg) in F#Tue (or Wed) 7:00-9:30CentralDE6 2EY
Derby (All Saints Cathedral)1019-0-1 (966kg) in DbTue 7:30-9:00 (often basic practice from 6:45)SouthernDE1 3DY
Dronfield (St John the Baptist)812-3-20 (657kg) in F#Tue 7:30-9:00ChesterfieldS18 1QX
Duffield (St Alkmund)1017-2-11 (894kg) in ETue 7:30-9:00CentralDE56 4BA
Etwall (St Helen)6 8-2-24 (443kg) in AbTue (7.00: by arrangement)CentralDE65 6LP
Hartington (St Giles)89-0-5 (459kg) in A.Tue 7:30-9:00 p.m.PeakSK17 0AS
Heanor (St Lawrence)815-2-4 (789kg) in ETueCentralDE75 7AG
Hope (St Peter)814-1-22 (734kg) in F#Tue 7:30 – 9:00 PeakS33 6ZG
Kirk Hallam (All Saints)34-2-3 (230kg) in CTue 7:00-8:00SouthernDE7 4ND
Long Eaton (St Laurence)86-2-6 (333kg) in Bb.Tue 7:30-9:00 (alternate with Sawley)SouthernNG10 1LT
Melbourne (St Michael with St Mary)1215-1-24 (786kg) in F#.Tue 7:30-9:00, also 12 Bell Practices (see Calendar).SouthernDE73 8JH
North Wingfield (St Lawrence)817-3-21 (911kg) in ETue 7:00-8:30ChesterfieldS42 5HX
Pentrich (St Matthew)610-1-17 (528kg) in GTue 7:30 (2nd, 4th)ChesterfieldDE5 3RE
Sawley (All Saints)89-3-4 (497kg) in GTue 7:30-9:00 (alternate with Long Eaton)SouthernNG10 3AR
Shardlow (St James)612-1-24 (633kg) in GTue 7:45SouthernDE72 2GP
Swanwick (St Andrew)617-2-17 (897kg) in FHeld at Pentrich 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7 pm.ChesterfieldDE55 1AN
West Hallam (St Wilfrid of York)89-1-6 (473kg) in BbTue 7:30-9:00SouthernDE7 6GS
Wingerworth (All Saints)511-0-9 (563kg) in GTuesday 7.00 - 8.30 pm (Please check before attending) Alternate weeks.ChesterfieldS42 6PL
Winshill (St Mark)617-0-14 (870kg) in FTue 7:30SouthernDE15 0HZ
Youlgreave (All Saints)1323-2-24 (1205kg) in DTue 7:30-9:00 (10/12 Bell Practice 4th Tuesday 7:00pm, otherwise by arrangement)PeakDE45 1WL


TowerBellsWeightPractice NightDistrictPost Code
Alfreton (St Martin)810-2-27 (546kg) in GWed 7pm-9pm. May finish at 8.30pm if short of ringers. Visitors welcome, but please email first. ChesterfieldDE55 7AH
Ashbourne (St Oswald)813-1-21 (683kg) in EWed 7:30-9:00CentralDE6 1AN
Belper (St Peter)814-0-26 (723kg) in F#Wed 7:30-9:00CentralDE56 1FU
Breadsall (All Saints)813cwt - 3qr - 21lbWed 7:30-9:00 (please check - Quarter Peals arranged on an ad hoc basis)SouthernDE21 5LD
Chelmorton (St John the Baptist)58-3-24 (455kg) in AWednesday 7.30 - 9.00PeakSK17 9SN
Cubley (St Andrew)49-1-18 (478kg) in F#Tue (or Wed) 7:00-9:30CentralDE6 2EY
Darley Dale (St Helen)815-2-2 (788kg) in FWed 7:30-9:00PeakDE4 2GL
Denby (St Mary the Virgin)69-3-20 (504kg) in GWed 7:30-9:00 (alternate weeks)CentralDE5 8PG
Egginton (St Wilfrid)37-0-7 (359kg) in A#Wednesday 6 pm - 7 pmCentralDE65 6HS
Eyam (St Lawrence)66-3-0 (343kg) in AWed 6.00 - 7.00 p.m.PeakS32 5QG
Hartshorne (St Peter)67-1-14 (375kg) in G#.Wed 7:30-9.00 SouthernDE11 7ER
Hathersage (St Michael and All Angels)611-2-10 (589kg) in F#Wed 7:30-9:00 PeakS32 1AJ
Hayfield (St Matthew)810-2-21 (543kg) in AbWed 7:00-8:30PeakSK22 2ER
Killamarsh (St Giles)610-3-26 (558kg) in F#Wednesday 7.00pm to 8.30pmChesterfieldS21 1AS
Morton (Holy Cross)64-3-7 (244kg) in Bb.Wed 7:30-9:00 (may be irregular)ChesterfieldDE55 6GU
Norbury (Ss Mary & Barlok)38cwt (~400kg) in A#.Wed: 7:00-8:30 (by arrangement)CentralDE6 2EQ
Ripley (All Saints)816-2-8 (842kg) in FWed (alternate)CentralDE5 3BW
Ticknall (St George)109-1-26 (482kg) in AWed 7:30-9:00SouthernDE73 7JU


TowerBellsWeightPractice NightDistrictPost Code
Bakewell (All Saints)816-3-21 (860kg) in FThu 7:30-9:00PeakDE45 1FD
Bamford in the Peak (St John the Baptist)64-0-26 (215kg) in DThursday 7:30-9:00 by arrangementPeakS33 0AY
Breaston (St Michael)67-1-14 (375kg) in AbThu 7:45-9:00SouthernDE72 3DZ
Castleton (St Edmund)811-2-0 (584kg) in EbTuesday 6pm to 7.20pm or later (Simulator) Thursday 7pm to 9pm open ringing. Visitors very welcomePeakS33 8WH
Church Broughton (St Michael & All Angels)67-2-8 (385kg) in AbThu 7:30-9:00 (1st, 3rd)CentralDE65 5BB
Eckington (Ss Peter & Paul)816-0-14 (819kg) in E.Thu 7:30-9:00ChesterfieldS21 4EP
Elton (All Saints)65-2-13 (285kg) in BThu 7:30-9:00PeakDE4 2BY
Glossop (All Saints)817-0-13 (870kg) in F.Thu 7:30-8:30PeakSK13 7RU
Ilkeston (St Mary the Virgin)817-0-9 (868kg) in EThu 7:30 to 9:00SouthernDE7 5HY
Matlock (St Giles)814-0-0 (711kg) in FThu 7:45-9:00PeakDE4 3BW
Mugginton (All Saints)67-2-24 (392kg) in G#Thu 7:30-9:00CentralDE6 4PG
Ockbrook (All Saints)65-1-26 (279kg) in AThu 7:45-9:00SouthernDE72 3RB
Repton (St Wystan)817-3-0 (902kg) in EThu 7:30SouthernDE65 6FH
Sandiacre (St Giles)610-2-23 (544kg) in F#Thu 7:30-9:00 Visiting ringers welcome, subject to prior arrangement and in limited numbers.SouthernNG10 5EB
Sutton on the Hill (St Michael)612-0-18 (618kg) in F#Thu 7:30-9:00 (2nd, 4th, 5th)CentralDE6 5JF
Tutbury (St Mary)810-2-5 (536kg) in F#Thu 7:30-9:00 (2nd & 4th)CentralDE13 9JE


TowerBellsWeightPractice NightDistrictPost Code
Brassington (St James)68-0-26 (418kg) in AFri 7:30-9:00 (2nd & 4th) Fri (5th) elsewherePeakDE4 4HJ
Clay Cross (St Bartholomew)68-2-16 (439kg) in AFri 7:30-8:45 (doors locked at 7:40) - visitors please contact firstChesterfieldS45 9DZ
Fairfield, Buxton (St Peter)812-0-10 (614kg) in F#Fri 7:00-8:30 (check first)PeakSK17 7EA
New Mills (St George)813-1-0 (673kg) in G#.Fri 7.30 - 9.00PeakSK22 4PF
Old Whittington (St Bartholomew)65-0-20 (263kg) in CFri 7:30-9:00ChesterfieldS41 9QY
Tideswell (St John the Baptist)813-0-11 (665kg) in F#Fri 7:30-9:00PeakSK17 8NU
Wirksworth (St Mary)814-1-13 (730kg) in FFri (1st & 3rd) 7:30-9:00 Fri (5th) elsewherePeakDE4 4DQ


TowerBellsWeightPractice NightDistrictPost Code
Brailsford (All Saints)610-0-14 (514kg) in GSaturday 9.30 to 11.30CentralDE6 3AA