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Conditions Attached to Grants and Loans

Any grant or loan is offered on the following conditions:-
  1. Any church of the Diocese of Derby can apply. The application must be made in writing by, or on behalf of, the Parochial Church Council of the church.
  2. Payment can only be paid to the Church Council, or to a person or organisation authorised by the Council.
  3. Any grant or loan is to be used only towards the cost of work associated with bells and their fittings.
  4. Where this is required, the work is carried out under a Diocesan Faculty.
  5. A scheme can only be considered if the technical merit of the proposed work is agreed by the Bell Consultants.
  6. Applications for grants or loans can only be considered for schemes of work that are proposed: no consideration can be given to applications after contracts for the work are placed. A conditional grant or loan may be offered prior to full definition of the scheme and before faculty approval is sought. Grants will be considered in March and September of each year.
  7. A scheme of work costing less than one thousand pounds (£1,000) is not normally eligible for a grant.
  8. Any scheme may be eligible for a loan. It is for a period of up to two years, and it is interest-free for that period. It may be repaid to the Fund at any time within the agreed period, either as a lump sum or in instalments. If the loan has not been repaid by the due date, the Association reserves the right to charge interest at the prevailing Bank of England base rate + 5%.
  9. If the scheme is altered after the offer is made, the Fund reserves the right to modify or withdraw the offer.
  10. To protect the Fund, other conditions may be applied at the time of the offer.
  11. If the Church Council does not accept the offer within six months of its being made, it lapses.
  12. The grant or loan is payable from the Fund when the work is complete or, if agreed, when the first major bills are presented for the work.
  13. Any payment may be conditional upon the work being judged to be satisfactory on inspection by a Bell Consultant appointed by the Association.
  14. If the request for payment is not received within two years of the offer being made, the offer lapses.

[Revised September 2010]