Member Services

For Members

Members of the DDA have access to privileged information, and a facility to maintain your personal data and pay your subscription on-line.

There is no need to register on the site, as an ID will have been created for you, provided you have given us your email address (in which case you should have received an email with a link to set a password). This link does expire after 24 hours, so if you didn’t set it, you will need to go to the ‘Forget my Password’ page and enter your email address to get a new link.

Of course it is quite possible that we don’t have your current email address. Your tower contact (logging in as or District Secretary ( can change your details for you. Once they have done so, you should receive an email inviting you to set a password, but please note that if the email address is already registered, your record will simply be linked to your current ID. Please login with your current ID to gain access.

If you are logged in as a Member, you should see a menu items ‘Membership Records’ in the Services menu. In case of difficulty please contact the Membership Secretary (Anthony Cotton) or Webmaster (Andrew Hall).

A few people share an email address. If this is the case you will have a single login (related to your email address), but you will be able to amend personal data for everyone with that address. This is a compromise with the way WordPress works, and may cause confusion. If it does, ask for an alias to be set up.

You will receive an email via the website from time to time:

  • Advising of Association General Meetings and other information affecting your membership
  • If someone other than you has changed your personal data
  • If you have subscribed to emails sent from your district
  • If another member contacts you via the website (your email address is no longer revealed)

For Tower Contacts and District Secretaries

Please login using your DDA email address ( or This will ensure you have access to the correct data for your tower/district. You might also be a DDA member – you may need to log in as such to update certain personal preferences, and be able to access data for members of other towers and/or districts. As well as managing data for your members, you can also update your (or your district’s) tower information.

You will receive an email via the website from time to time:

  • Advising notices of meetings, training events etc. Please distribute to other members at your tower, unless you know they have subscribed to emails for your district.
  • Advising of changes to membership, or membership category, of members at your tower.

For Other Officers

You will have been given a login depending on your role (e.g. President, Secretary etc., linked to your email address). Login with this ID and you will have access to data commensurate with your role.

Who has access to my data?

Name Address Email Phone Preferences Tower/Status
You, and anyone sharing your ID Update Update Update Update Update Update
Another Member View View if enabled View if enabled View if enabled Hidden View
Public (for Officers and Contacts) View View if enabled View if enabled View if enabled Hidden Inferred for Contacts
Your Tower Contact* Update Update Update Update View Update
Your District Secretary* Update Update Update Update View Update
Another Tower Contact* or District Secretary* Hidden Hidden Hidden Hidden Hidden Hidden
Membership Secretary* and Webmaster* Update, Download† Update, Download† Update, Download† Update, Download† Update, Download† Update, Download†
Secretary, President* View View View View View View
Annual Report Secretary* View, Download‡ View if enabled, Download if tower contact‡ View, Download if enabled‡ View, Download if enabled‡ View View, Download‡
Printed in Annual Report? Yes If tower contact No If enabled No Tower only

*Logging in with an email address.
†For production of subscription notices.
‡For production of the Annual Report.

Your Login ID

Tower Contacts should log in with their email address. This will give you access to amend the membership for your tower, and pay subscriptions. If you are also a DDA member, you should log in using your personal ID to gain access as a member. Similarly, officers who have a login ( should use that ID to gain access appropriate to their office, and using their personal ID to gain access as a member.

Member IDs are created when a new member is recorded with an email address, or when an existing member without email is recorded with it. You should receive and email with a link to set a password – this expires after 24 hours. If you don’t know your password, simply click on the ‘Lost your password?’ link on the login page.

It is possible to share an email address, but this can cause a few complications. Refer to the Membership Records help page for more information.