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The Wombel

Early in 2013 the Derby DA purchased a Wombel. This is a simulator on a frame that can be easily rung by both ringers and non-ringers. It has many uses such as recruitment, raising the profile of ringing and training and it can be used indoors or outdoors in fine weather. The Wombel is an impressive piece of equipment and comes with computer, speakers, extension cable and everything needed for its operation.

The Wombel is available for hire by members of the DDA to use at suitable events such as church fetes, carnivals, village shows or anywhere you think it could be used to recruit ringers or promote bellringing. During 2013, it had been to 2 Arts Festivals, 1 village fete, and 4 church events. It had also been used for teaching and training at Belper, Hartshorne and Eckington giving more experienced ringers the chance to practice method ringing using Abel software. Headphones speakers and all necessary cables are supplied along with full operating instructions.

Members of the Education Committee are available to help with the erection of the Wombel and setting it up. It comes complete with a computer, speakers and headphones. An extension lead and circuit breaker are also available. It can be operated outside but not in the rain (there is a cover with it in case of rain). It stands just under 3.6metres high and needs a ceiling height of 4metres for erection. It needs a space of approx. 6metres x 4metres for assembly; when erected the base size is 1.9metres x 1.2metres.

Anyone wishing to borrow the Wombel will need to arrange transport for it, either from Eckington, Belper or its previous location. The base is carried on the roof of a car – there are a set of cross bars available to fit any car with side bars. Two people can lift it onto the roof but four are needed at one time to get it upright after assembly. If you are unable to find a suitable vehicle the Education Committee may be able to help.

If you are interested in borrowing the Wombel for an event or would like more information about please use ourĀ enquiry form.

Current Wombel Bookings

Nothing from 1st July 2022 to 1st July 2023.