8 Bell Contest Rules

  1. Each district committee to supply one or more teams comprising district members.
  2. Ringing procedure for each team:
    1. Preliminary rounds for testing rope lengths, etc., not to exceed two minutes.
    2. Stop ringing, adjust and try ropes as necessary.
    3. Practice ring; no method restriction but not to exceed five minutes.
    4. Stop ringing for a few moments.
    5. Ring the treble for a few blows to inform the judge that the test piece is next.
    6. Ring the test piece – two minutes of rounds allowed before going into changes.
  3. The scoring system to be at the judge’s discretion.
  4. Scoring will commence at the first change and cease on coming into rounds. Any changes short will count as maximum faults per row.
  5. No false starts allowed.
  6. The test piece will be 224 changes of any Triples or Major method.
  7. All competitors must be Association members.