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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement

Please email any comments to the Webmaster (Richard Barnett).

The Derby Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers (DDA) holds the following personal data in order to maintain membership, tower contact, subscription and biographical records.

  • Name, Address, Telephone Numbers, Email Address, Subscription Payments, Membership Category, Date membership commenced, Date membership ceased.
  • Any offices you hold or may have held in the past.
  • Any peals you may have rung in.

For details of who can see or update your data, please refer to the About -> Member Services page.

Please note that if you are a DDA member, your name, tower and phone number (unless you have asked for it to be suppressed) will also be published annually in our annual report.

The DDA does not share your data with any third party.

Accessing Your Data

You have a right to access your data. The easiest way to do this is to register as a DDA member, however there is a good chance we do not have your current email address! Your tower contact or district secretary will have access to your record and can amend it. In case of difficulty, please contact the Membership Secretary (Gillian Hallas), or Webmaster (Richard Barnett).

Data Processing

The DDA holds your personal data in order to maintain membership, tower contact, subscription and biographical records. We may contact you from time to time using information held regarding your membership status, or to make Association announcements. We also use information held in our database to produce our Annual Report, which every member is entitled to receive, and which members of the public may purchase for a small fee.

From time to time you may be asked to take part in a survey. The data for the survey will be held online for the duration of the survey, and until the results have been assimilated. The survey information will advise when the results will be removed from the system.

From time to time we may extract your location data (your postcode), tower and membership category in order to produce maps to help us determine district boundaries. This information will not contain any personal information which would identify you, and will be removed from on-line systems once the data has been processed.

We hold your data under the following basis:

  • By consent. This particularly applies to tower contacts who are not DDA members.
  • As part of a contract. You pay a subscription to the DDA, and as a result we need to record who has paid and when. We retain subscription records for 6 years as required by the Charities Act (although not a Registered Charity, the DDA follows its requirements).
  • As part of a legal obligation. Every member of a non-incorporated mutual society has a right in law to know who the other members are.
  • As legitimate interests. We retain past member information and hold this in our database, and publish it in our (redacted) Annual Report archive. Once you cease to be a member of the DDA only your name, towers you were affiliated to and any offices held (with dates) are retained. We maintain that any impact on your privacy is minimal, and the information can be obtained in any case by inspecting our annual reports. We also retain peal records indefinitely as a legitimate interest.

Data Retention Policy

If you are a member of the DDA, or have been in the past, we record your name, tower and any offices held as a Past Member indefinitely. When you cease to be a member of the DDA your subscription record and associated contact information (phone number, email address and postal address) will be retained for 6 years. After 6 years (in April, following publication of our Annual Report) your contact information will then be purged from our system.

If you have never been a member of the DDA, and your name is only recorded as being the contact person for a tower, all of your details will be removed in the April of the year after you were replaced (i.e. on publication of our Annual Report).

Archiving Policy

We retain an audit trail of database changes online, and retain back up copies of our web site on our Google Cloud facility. Only the webmaster (Richard Barnett) has access to these. It is our intention to purge this data well before the 7 years allowed by GDPR (and certainly not after).

Page Visit Counter

We use the Advanced Page Visit Counter plugin to record visits to our website. Please be aware this uses your IP address to determine your country of origin, and unique visits to each page, which is stored in an anonymised format.

Data Security

We have in place a number of security measures, including a firewall to block known malicious sites, and a block against brute force password attacks. Please contact the Webmaster (Richard Barnett) if you wish to know more.


In the first instance please contact the Webmaster (Richard Barnett), General Secretary (Jane Boden) or President (Glen Fiddy). However, if you believe the DDA is not handling your data correctly, you also have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.