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Arthur Ashby Cup

This is the Association’s 6 bell call change competition. The rules are available here.

Arthur Ashby was elected to the Association in 1963, as a ringing member at Barlborough. He wanted to give something to the Association, it was decided a striking competition for less experienced teams should be started, and there we have it, a cup was purchased and the rest is history. In 1988 the first Arthur Ashby striking competition took place at Bradbourne and Derby Cathedral B team won it; in 1989 Mugginton won at Clay Cross with only 9 faults, and later featured in the Derby Evening Telegraph. Mugginton were predominantly a new band, their bells being dedicated on 1st November 1987 so this really was a remarkable achievement.

Sadly Arthur Ashby died in April 1990, no doubt he would be proud of the enthusiasm shown by ringers who now compete for this cup.

In 1995, for the first time, the Horsley Cup contest finals and the Arthur Ashby Cup contest finals took place on the same day at Horsley. Under new rules, the Horsley Cup was for method ringing and the Arthur Ashby Cup for call changes ringing.

Arthur Ashby Winners 1990 – date (with judges where known)

2019 Melbourne (Terry Astill) 2009 Ashford in the Water (Graham Nabb) 1999 Brailsford (Sally Mason & Richard Brown)
2018 Belper (Colin and Jane Aked) 2008 Overseal (Alec Humphrey) 1998 Overseal (Clarke Walters)
2017 Old Brampton (Mike Chester) 2007 Overseal (Ro Gay) 1997 Etwall (Leslie Boumphrey)
2016 Melbourne (Neil & Dinah Donovan) 2006 Overseal (Robin Turner & Janet Rogers) 1996 Etwall (Clive & Lucy Smith)
2015 Melbourne 1 (Colin & Jane Aked) 2005 Darley Dale (David Marshall) 1995 Etwall (Paul Flavell)
2014 Old Brampton (Paul and Kate Flavell) 2004 Etwall (Paul Jopp) 1994 Long Eaton (Alan Moult)
2013 Derby St Peter (Tim Poole) 2003 Etwall (Bob & Ruth Smith) 1993 Old Brampton (Chris Bennett)
2012 Stanton in Peak (Graham Hayward) 2002 Sutton on the Hill (Alistair Smith & Paul Jopp) 1992 Derby Cathedral (Simon Poole)
2011 Etwall (Graham Hayward) 2001 Overseal (Clarke Walters & Cheryl Hamby) 1991 Alvaston (Philip Hudson)
2010 Etwall (Jim and Janet Crabtree) 2000 Brailsford (Alistair Smith) 1990 Mugginton (Pat Halls)
Arthur Ashby Winners 1988 – 1989
1989 Mugginton (Peter Soar) 1988 Derby Cathedral B