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Email Delivery Problems [resolved]

We are experiencing problems with email deliveries sent to our mailing lists. This affects District Towers, Officers and Derbyshire Young Ringers lists. Some emails are being delayed or (worst case) simply lost. As a result access to these lists have been removed. This should not affect forwarding addresses (secretary, president, webmaster, etc.).

We are working on a solution, but this might take a few days. In the meantime, please check our News page for important items (such as the return to ringing post Covid-19).

Update 10/07/2020. Emails are now being sent using Amazon SES. These will now be addressed with a From: address of If you find these are going into your Spam folder, you will need to add the appropriate address(es) to your address book. You may need to do this using webmail, rather than your mail client software.

The only exception is the Derbyshire Young Ringers mailing list. This still goes via our ISP, and (as their are over 30 recipients) you may not get your particular message. We are looking at ways to resolve this.