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Ringing up and Down in Peal

If you (or your tower) are able to ring a bell up and down on your own, but find doing it together and keeping in rounds all the way is a very different story, then this workshop is for you. Its all about the theory of ringing up and down in peal.

Understanding the theory behind it all is an often neglected part and will, we hope, help you bring it all together with success. The workshop lasts about an hour and is not a lecture – more a discussion about problems that people encounter and sharing of ideas. You will be asked to view a YouTube clip before the session which we will discuss.  A handout about the dynamics of ringing a bell up and down will also be sent out before the day.  We frequently find that lack of understanding of technique in ringing a single bell up is the reason behind not being able to ring up in peal.

Please complete the booking form below if you would like to take part. The next course will run on Monday 6th December and also on Tuesday 7th – if you can’t make either of these dates please indicate on the form.

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