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Rule Change 2019 – Proxy Voting

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2 thoughts on “Rule Change 2019 – Proxy Voting”

  1. I first raised the issue of ensuring more voting members and greater democracy in the DDA in April 2017. That is now two years ago and in that time the number of members attending meetings has, if anything, declined further. These issues should have been the first to be dealt with before any rule changes or changes to association objectives.

  2. This rule change was considered by the existing General Committee at its meeting on 5th March 2019 and whilst the general feeling was that the committee agreed with the sentiment of the thinking behind this rule change it could not support it in its current form. You will see elsewhere that the General Committee are recommending acceptance of the rule changes to change the management of the DDA to a smaller group. The intention is for this new group to look into all aspects of how we manage our affairs and high on the list is the desire for better membership participation in decision making. This process will include considering proxy voting in all its forms.

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