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Update on Review of DDA Rules & Objectives

If you were at the Summer Meeting at Horsley on Saturday 9th June you will have seen and heard the latest information from the working group looking at the organisation of the DDA.

These are the documents that were available to those attending the meeting, click on the link to view or download.


Update Document

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2 thoughts on “Update on Review of DDA Rules & Objectives”

  1. Martin, thanks for your comment. Indeed 30 is too large a number to allow meaningful discussions and to easily make decisions. However the current General committee could have 45 members. As you are now part of that committee you are of course entitled to make your contribution at General Committee meetings. The proposal that will be discussed at our next meeting goes into detail as to how much of what you say will hopefully be achieved.
    Thanks again

  2. If you’re looking at the possibility of revising the DDA Rules, I wonder if it’s worth considering why the General Committee, that is responsible for managing the affairs of the Association, is so large and unwieldy. It seems that up to 30 individuals could be part of the General Committee, which is surely excessive given the small size of the Association and its limited range of activities. The introduction of a smaller Management Group sounds like a far better idea, but surely not if it’s in addition to the current unwieldy structure.


    Martin Whiteley

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