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Server Migration – Update

25/04/2018. Everything should be working now. I had to drop the tables and re-load everything from backup, so if you made any changes in the last day or so, that’s why they have disappeared. The link to the development server is no longer valid – i.e. the copy will soon be out of date. If you have any problems please email Webmaster (see link at the bottom of the page).

23/04/2018. Tower and Officer listings are now working, but we have no means of updating the database.
In Officers, Rod Pearson is no longer VP, Martin Whiteley is Report Secretary, and Jenny Halliday is the 4th CC Rep.

22/04/2018. I have set up a copy of the live site on my development server. Use this link to access it. Please note it could take 2 days for the DNS to replicate, and my system could go offline without notice. You may also need to bypass your browsers security settings (this document tells you how – just substitute for

21/04/2018. Had an email to say the migration is complete. There appears to be a fault with stored procedures, which is preventing some pages (e.g. tower list, officers) to display correctly. I have raised a support request, but am not sure how long it will take to respond.

19/04/2018. Looks like we are now mid migration. All the pages are there but the member/officers/towers/subscriptions pages don’t appear to be working … yet.

12/04/2018. Our database will be moved to a new server in a few days time. You will not be able to register or make any subscription payments meanwhile. Also, please avoid making changes to personal or tower data, as your changes could be lost!