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Response to feedback on the DDA Annual Report

Thank you to all those who responded to my invitation to comment of the Annual Report. I had about 30 replies, representing about 4% of the DDA membership. Most of you were happy with the content and saw no need for major change. Two people favoured abandoning the print copy in favour of an online version, but in the interest of accessibility and ease of use for all members, this is not going to happen in the near term. There was consensus to abandon the forward-looking Events page, but no agreement on the reporting of peals; a few suggested abandoning them altogether, but more favoured single-line or full entries. Quarter peals will receive slightly more coverage if space permits.

It was suggested that additional tower information (e.g. availability of toilets, recommended local pub, parking arrangements, suitability for training courses, etc.) could be included, as has been the case in some previous reports. This is undeniably useful, but it is better accommodated in the Towers Details section of the website where it can be as expansive as necessary and kept up-to-date. Much information of this type already exists there.

The 2019 Annual Report is now beginning to take shape and as a result of your feedback it will resemble its predecessor in most respects.

Martin Whiteley (Annual Report Secretary 2017-2019)