Registering on the DDA Web Site

If you are a member of the DDA, registering as a member offers several benefits, including updating your membership records and paying subscriptions (please refer to our Terms and Conditions).

To register as a member

If you haven’t already registered on the site, click on Register from the menu. Enter a user name and your email address. You will then be sent a link to complete the registration process and login. Otherwise login using your ID or email address.

Once you have logged in successfully, use the link Services -> Edit My Profile to update your WordPress profile. On this page you need to enter your First and Last names, and your Post Code. Check the box I am a DDA member and click on UPDATE PROFILE. Provided your name, post code and email address match that held on our database you will be emailed anotherĀ  link to confirm your membership. Once confirmed (and logged in) use the Services -> Membership Records menu item to gain access to your membership records. You should now have access to any Members Only content.

If your details do not match, you will be sent an email informing you. Your tower secretary, district secretary, or anyone at your tower registered as a member can verify or change the recorded details for you. In case of difficulty please contact the Membership Secretary (Anthony Cotton) or Webmaster (Andrew Hall).

If you are a tower secretary or other officer

You do not need to register as an ID ( or has already been created for you. Click on Login from the menu – when prompted for your ID click on the Lost your password? link, then enter the email address for your tower/office and click on the Get New Password button. You will then be sent (by email) a link to reset your password. Once you have done so, and logged in, use the Resources -> Member Services menu item to gain access. You will then be able to update information for your tower/district, and for your members, and pay/record their subscriptions.

Please note:

  • When logged in as a tower secretary/officer you have a duty under GDPR to maintain data accurately.
  • You won’t have access to the dashboard or the My Profile page (you will get an ‘Access Denied’ message).
  • Logging in as a tower secretary will only give access to your own tower’s information. To access information for other DDA members or any restricted pages, please also register and login as a Member.
  • Not all officers have a login. If isn’t available, then please register and login as a Member.