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Your Lockdown Achievements and Local Publicity

What have you or your tower been doing during lockdown?

Your Achievements

Have you done any of the ‘More Ringing Things to do during Lockdown
(or ‘Ringing Things to do during Lockdown‘)?

Please share your achievements and things you have enjoyed.

Have you been using virtual ringing to progress and achieve things you hadn’t done before?
– Like this ringer from the Chesterfield District who has been enjoying some ‘amazing experiences’:

Hello Ringing Friends! Hope you are all well.
I just wanted to share with you the amazing experiences I am having using Abel (on my laptop) and Methodology (on my phone) since we haven’t been able to ring the church bells.
I have learnt more about methods (Andrew’s course was really helpful for this) and have been able to ‘ring’ them by learning, firstly, to count the place of my bell, then get familiar with the rhythm of the method and finally get familiar with where all the other bells are and when I follow them.
Since doing this I have got so much more out of the practice sessions on Monday evenings in Ringing Room and have been able to ‘ring’ in a way I never really thought I’d be able to!
Why don’t you give it a go too!

Tell Your Local Community

You may like to tell you local community what you have been doing via social media, your church magazine, local radio station or newspaper.
Please share it with a post on Bell Ringing Derbyshire (our public Facebook page) for locals to see, ideally with a great photo to catch their attention!

Don’t forget to let your local community know when you will be ringing again or, if you have already started ringing, tell them about it.

There is plenty of promotional material from the DDA website to help you.