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Very Important Information for ALL Ringers – Returning to Ringing

Very important information for ALL ringers on returning to ringing:


Encouraging news:

Useful guidance documents: 
– with important information on what we ALL need to do before we can ring again including:

  • Essential belfry safety checks which can be carried out now (with your incumbent’s permission).
    – For further advice please contact the DDA Bell Consultants:
  • A ready-to-use risk assessment form for bells that have not been rung for a while.
  • Checklists and procedures to make your tower safe for ringing to return (when the ban is lifted and with your incumbent’s permission).
  • Information for all ringers on safely returning to ringing (when you feel comfortable to do so).

You are encouraged to read the guidelines and start making preparations (liaising with your incumbent, churchwardens, PCC, etc.).

Please ensure that all of the ringers in your tower receive this information.