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Tower Details

Tower:Beighton (St Mary the Virgin) Beighton
Bells:6: 8-3-22 (454kg) in G
Location:S20 1EJ (SK443834 - 53.3445,-1.336)
Information:Toilet: available
Parking: 20 cars church car park. The clickable link on the postcode now takes you directly to the car park on Church Lane.
Pub: local pubs not reliable.
Access on practice nights - door to north of East Window.
No service ringing at the present time as service times have changed (to 9.15 and 10.30, so no gap between them).
Along with Dore and Norton, Beighton formed part of the Diocese of Derby at its formation in 1927. It was transferred to the Diocese of Sheffield on the creation of the county of South Yorkshire in 1974. This tower has affiliated members and therefore remains part of the Association.
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