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Ringing for VJ Day 75 – 11am Saturday 15th August 2020

Here is a message from Bruno Peek.
You may wish to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day by ringing one or more bells (depending on current COVID guidelines) at 11am on Saturday 15th August 2020.

Resources for publicising your ringing:
VJ Day 75 graphic
Further publicity material from the DDA website

I hope you and your local community are well and staying safe during this very difficult time in our lives.

I have been approached by a number of Churches who have said they would like to play their part in this important anniversary in the following way to enable their community to still pay tribute to the remaining VJ Day Veterans and families in the following way to show them they are not, and never will be forgotten, even through difficult times.


The Tower Captain or Church Warden will read out the attached ‘Cry for Peace Around the World’ from a safe location of their choice inside of outside of the Church. (A couple of them are undertaking this from the top of their Church Tower).

Cry for Peace – Download

Following the ‘Cry for Peace,’ one member of the Churches Bell Ringers will be ringing ONE Bell 75 times, one for each year since VJ Day – 15th August 1945.

We, of course, welcome this initiative as a very simple way Churches can still take part even though we still social distancing etc, and would like to encourage your Church and ringers to consider doing the same.

If it is possible to undertake the above, would you be kind enough to send me the above information at your earliest convenience, or by no later than 7th AUGUST 2020, please.
Name of Country:
Name of County:
Name of Church:
Name of City, Town or Parish:
Name of Church contact:

Send the details via email to

We do hope that you will consider this option, especially as we had to cancel the ‘Ringing Out for Peace’ for VE Day on 8th May due to the Virus.

My warmest regards to you.

Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR
VJ Day 75