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Annual Report Questionnaire

Report 2023

** This survey is now closed **

Please complete this questionnaire NO LATER than SUNDAY 22 OCTOBER 2023

1. Do you think it is important to retain a hard copy of the Annual Report?
2. Would you be happy if there was a digital copy ONLY?
3. Should there be a hard copy and a digital copy?
4. Should all members receive a hard copy?
5. Should the hard copy be one per household?
6. Should the hard copy be by request only?
The paper in the current report is sourced from woodland which is FSC certified by the Forest
Stewardship Council with commitments to the environment and to social and ethical
aspects for woodland management.
7. Is it important that it continues to be printed in the same way?
It has been suggested that it should be printed on recyclable paper, but the
cost will be higher (+£300-£400) and the print quality may not be as good, potentially impacting
the archiving of printed copies for the future. The meeting recommended to continue with FSC
accreditation. However if you think recycled paper should be pursued along with the extra cost
to the Association, please indicate here:
8. Do you think it should be printed on recyclable paper?
Section 1 Officers & Honorary Life Members  (pp 2-3 of the 2022 report)

Please be aware that we are obliged to publish the Association Officers.

9. Is the format clear?
Section 2 Annual Report & Accounts (pp 4-13)
10. Are the reports useful?
11. Are the accounts in a clear format?
Section 3 Bell Repair Fund (pp 13-16)

Please note that c100 copies of the Annual Report are sent to PCCs as evidence as to how the fund is being used. They are contributors to the BRF and we hope that we can encourage them to continue to do so.

12. Is this information useful?
13. Are the accounts in a clear format?
Section 4 Useful Information (pp 17-20)
14. Is this information useful?
15. Should the membership form be included?
16. Is there enough useful information?
Section 5 Tower Details & Correspondents (pp 21-31)

The information included in this section can be subject to change during the year.
As certain information cannot be published on the website (e.g. addresses), this information can become out of date after publication.

17. Is the practice night chart useful?
18. Is the tower information useful?
19. Do you use the report regularly to access the information in this section?
Section 6 In the Community (pp 32-43)
20. Is this section of interest?
21. If yes, please choose one of the three options
If you have any topics of interest you would like to see included in the 2023 Annual Report, please put these in the comments box at the end of the questionnaire.
Section 7 Lists of Members (pp 44-59)
22. Is this information useful?
It has been suggested that we revert to including addresses in the printed report only (not on the website) to aid better communication.
23. Would you like to see addresses printed in the report?
24. Would you be happy for your address to be printed in the report?
25. Is the format good?
Section 8 Performances (pp 60-68)
26. Is this section useful?
27. Is the format good?
28. Could the information take up fewer pages e.g. a basic list, with full details listed on the website/bellboard should members wish to look?
Section 9 Association Objectives and Rules (pp 69-75)
29. Should this information be printed?
30. Should it be available only on the website?
Section 10 My Ringing Notes

This section was added for the first time in 2021.

31. Do you find this useful?
32. Should it continue to be included?
33. On the whole, do you find the annual report to be a useful document?
34. It has been suggested that it should be an online document only. Do you agree?
35. The advertisements help to offset the cost of producing the report. Do you think we need
Please indicate your age group
Please Indicate your district (mandatory)