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Progress on DDA review – take part in a survey!

The working party looking at the future of the DDA have agreed on a questionnaire to seek the views and opinions of our membership on as wide a basis as possible. We would would like as many opinions as achievable and I therefore commend you, if you have not already done so, to visit the link below to enable you to complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire will be available for the remainder of the year.

Early next year we will be reviewing the responses and reporting back to the membership. You will see that the questionnaire can be completed anonymously but we ask that you at least identify where you ring so that we can gauge which areas of the DDA have or not responded to the request. This will enable us to canvass any areas not contributing. There will be a printed version of the questionnaire available through District Secretaries but as the analysis requires the input of the data it will mean someone entering manual documents, so if at all practical I encourage you to use the online version leaving printed versions for those members who do not have internet access. The questionnaire will work equally as well on PC’s, tablets and smart phones.

The link for the questionnaire is:

Please make as many people aware of this questionnaire as you can so that we can look forward to as wide a view as possible on opinions of the future look of the DDA.

Many thanks for reading this.