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Towers Help

On these pages, tower contacts (logging in as, district secretaries ( and administrators can update tower information.

Label Details
Tower Tower name
Dedication Dedication (or sub-title for secular rings)
Practice times Practice night day and time. Please be consistent, i.e. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat (as these key words are used in the listing by practice night), and concise. Additional information can be provided in Other Information.
Service times Sunday service ringing times. Again be consistent and concise. See the main listing for inspiration.
Car parking Useful information for visitors
Toilet If available state ‘Available’ otherwise leave empty. Or add any other useful details (such as ‘Ask for key’).
Refreshment Facilities Is there a recommended pub or cafe nearby.
Other Information Additional information for visitors, not listed above.
Web site Church (or tower) web site, if available
Facebook Church (or tower) Facebook link, if available
Twitter Church (or tower) Twitter link, if available
Tower Captain Please provide the name of the Tower Captain from the list. We may need this to publish urgent and confidential information regarding Safeguarding. We do not publish this anywhere, unless you also add your Tower Captain in as one of the contacts.
Primary Contact This is the main person who will receive correspondence from the DDA. We will associate this person with the email address (please note this is a manual process – please advise the webmaster directly of any changes).
Role Please describe the role of the contact. Tower Correspondent, Secretary, Captain, Ringing Master etc.
2nd, 3rd and 4th Contact and Role You may enter additional contacts here, if you wish. If you would like them to share your email address please advise the webmaster directly.

Once you have made your changes, please go to the Tower Listing page, and check your entry, click on your tower and check the associated page, and that the contact links are correct.

Please make sure that there is a contact phone number for at least one of your contacts! You (or the contact themselves) need to amend their personal record for phone and/or mobile, and check the ‘Show to Public’ box against the number in order for it to display on the site. Visitors can find this extremely useful. The information cannot be gleaned easily, as the pages are protected by a version 3 reCaptcha.

Thank you.