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Subscriptions Help

You may wish to refer to our new Subscriptions User Guide.

Subscriptions Due

Initially you will see a list of outstanding subscriptions you have access to:

  • Association Officers (log in with your officer ID) can record payments for all members.
  • District Officers (log in with your officer ID) for all members in their district.
  • Tower Secretaries (log in with your Tower ID) for all members their tower.
  • Members of the DDA can record payments for themselves, anyone linked to their ID, and any member of their own tower.

To find a particular member, use the FILTER buttons – this will act on both name and tower. Then select the payment you intend to make by checking the Basket indicator. You can make further selections. To uncheck all use the EMPTY button, then proceed to make your payment. Depending on your access, you can make payments by CASH, CHEQUE or INTERNET (Banking).

You can view payments made, and their progress, by clicking on HISTORY.


This will display all the items in your current basket, complete with a reference number and instructions with how to proceed. For payment by:

  • CASH (officers only), you should record the reference number and include this in your returns to the treasurer.
  • CHEQUE, write the reference number on the back of your cheque
  • INTERNET, use the reference number on your payment, so we can identify it. Alternatively, you can enter your own reference, if you already have a payment set up.

Once you are ready, click on PROCEED, or BACK to return without making a payment.

Once you have clicked on PROCEED, your payment will be marked as PENDING to indicate we are waiting for you to make your payment. Follow the instructions on the screen and post your cheque or send your payment. We can’t collect if from you as we don’t know your bank details.


This will show a list of recent transactions made by you, and their status, typically restricted to transactions you have personally made. Click on the transaction ID to display its details.

This shows the details of the transaction, and the opportunity (depending on your access permissions) to change its status:

  • PENDING: We are waiting for your payment to arrive (Cheque and Internet).
  • CONFIRMED: Your payment has been received.
  • CANCELLED: Your payment cancelled.

For DDA members, this will also show a record of individual payments (not necessarily made by you) since 2017 (when the current payment system started) affecting you and any other members linked to your login.

Confirmation Emails

When a payment is made, the system will email information relating to the payment:

  • To each member (with an email address) affected
  • To the tower contact (with an email address)
  • To the membership secretary
  • To the person initiating the payment (if not one of the above).

You should receive one message when the payment has started (click on PROCEED in the Checkout form). You should also receive another email several days later, once we have received and processed your payment. If you do not receive your first email, or the second email after 14 days, please contact the Membership Secretary or fill in an Error Report.