Membership Management Help

This page is used to maintain membership and contact data.

Membership List

Initially you will see the list of members (and contacts) you are permitted to access:

  • Association Officers (log in with your officer ID) have full access to the membership list.
  • District Officers (log in with your officer ID) can manage membership for their district.
  • Tower Secretaries (log in with your Tower ID) that for their tower.
  • Members of the DDA have full access to their own data, and that for anyone else linked to their email address. They have partial access to amend members of their own tower, and can also view data (where published) for all other members of the DDA, and send an email (via a Contact Form) to anyone who has an email address. Members are encouraged to enable their personal data so this can be accessed by other members of the DDA.

To find a particular member, use the FILTER and [<] and [>] buttons.

Where enabled, the HISTORY button will show past membership records, and CREATE will allow you to create a new member.

Membership Details

Clicking on one of the names in the list will display the data you are permitted to view for that member. If you have the permissions to do so, you will also be able to amend selected elements of that data.

Data elements should be self-explanatory (hover the mouse over an element if you aren’t sure). A few elements may require further explanation:

  • Change of name: in order to maintain historic data, if a name is changed (as opposed to a correction), please check ‘New name’ rather than defaulting to ‘Amend Existing’.
  • Change of tower or category: again for historic records, if a tower or category is changed and this is a correction, please check ‘Amend Existing’ rather than default to ‘Move to new tower’ or ‘Change to new category’.