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Contacts Email Help

This form allows you to send an email to Towers Contacts for a district (including anyone who has subscribed to such emails), or to all Association Officers. You may not be able to email all groups – some will be disabled to you. All Members is a restricted group, and should only be used for essential notices; if you need to send an email to all members (with email) please forward your email to the Webmaster.

You must log in to the site using your official ID (linked to your email address). You must select one of the groups you wish to send to, enter a subject and message, and click on SUBMIT.  You may optionally include an attachment in your email. This must be a single ZIP file, and must be under 5Mb. The total size of your email must not exceed 10Mb (be aware – your 5Mb ZIP file when sent will actually take up over 6.5 MB of your email). If you need to send larger items, put them on cloud storage (such as Google Drive), create a link (make sure everyone who has a link can see it) and add the link to your email.

The email will be sent out From: “”, with your official DDA email in the Reply-To: header. The email will also contain a footer explaining what to do if it has been sent misaddressed. You should also receive a confirmation copy showing who your email has gone to and, if to District towers, a list of the towers which don’t have email.

Please note, we are using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to provide this facility. In order to do so you must:

Amazon SES also includes a virus filter. Should your email contain a virus (or something which looks like it might be a virus), all the emails you have sent will bounce back to you.

If you have a lot of information to send out, you can create a Post on this website. If you want full instructions, read at this tutorial, but here’s a quick guide:

  • Log in using your Official ID
  • At the top of the page, in the black bar, you should see a menu item ‘New’ (Accept Cookies if this is showing). Hover over it and select ‘Post’.
  • Give your post a title, and enter some content. You have all the usual facilities for editting text here. Note that your post will be public once published, so if
  • Initially you may want to save as Draft. If you Publish, your post will appear immediately on the News page. Before you do so, please set the correct Category for your post (if you can’t see this, click on Screen Options and tick Categories). And also disable ‘Enable Individual Content Width’ (under Page Settings).
  • If you are copying from another document, use Ctrl+Shift+V. This will stop the original formatting from being copies (unless that’s what you really want, then use Ctrl+V).
  • You might want to create a hand-crafted excerpt with a summary of the content. WordPress will default to the first few lines.
  • Publish your post when you are happy with it.
  • You can now create your email with a link to the post, and some brief information drawing everyone’s attention to it.
  • If you need to change it, you should see ‘Edit Post’ in the black bar.

Andrew Hall (Webmaster)