Database Help

The database is split into three sections:

Organisation. This defines the structure of the DDA (Districts, Committees) and the respective Roles (Offices)

Membership. This defines Membership of the DDA (People, where they ring and what Roles they take)

Subscription Payments

To access each section you must have Read or Update access to ‘DDA Organisation Data’, ‘DDA Members Data’  or ‘DDA Subscriptions Data’ respectively.

Clicking on the link from the main database page will take you to a display of all current records. Click on the ID for a record to display the full content (if you have update access you will be able to amend the data, or click the NEW ITEM button to create a new record). CANCEL should always take you back to the page you came from (without making any changes if you have Update access).

If you do have update access, the Update page will give you options to UPDATE the record (or ADD if inserting a new one). Once UPDATE has been clicked you will see the record as amended. Click on the OK button to return to the display page.

On the Update page, fields which are editable have a white background – those which which are locked have a grey background.

Note that data is never deleted – even though you may be presented with a REMOVE button. Instead the record is hidden from view and could be restored by a database administrator. Also note that all changes to the data are logged for diagnostic and recovery purposes.

Further details will be displayed on the Help page (above) for each data set.