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AGM Announcement

At a recent Management Group meeting there was discussion about the need for an AGM in 2020. Taken into consideration was the need to elect officers, the receiving and accepting of reports and the possibility of any rule changes. It was felt that, as all tower bell ringing is currently suspended, in effect the activities of the Association are suspended.

The proposal was therefore made that we should suspend our programme of events and meetings until general ringing is possible. This may be towards the end of 2020 or beyond, although some very limited ringing for Sunday service could be possible before then. In light of this, and because holding an online AGM would disadvantage some members who would otherwise attend, we felt it would be wrong to hold a formal meeting by this means. All normal benefits of membership will of course remain, including insurance cover.

The majority of officers, including those who had indicated that they were not seeking re-election, have agreed to remain in post during the suspension period. The 2019 Annual Report has been distributed and our financial position remains strong. We therefore feel there is very little useful business to be conducted and do not intend to hold an AGM in 2020. If the situation drastically changes for the better in the short term we will reconsider this decision.

On behalf of the Management Group we sincerely hope that all members remain well and free from this dreadful virus. We all look forward to a return to more normal activity in the not too distant future.