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6th Management Group Meeting

6th Management Group Meeting, 11th February 2020 (from notes by JEB)

Don Jones (DJ) chaired the meeting, attended by Rev Clive Thrower (CT), Lynne Newton (LN), Neil Westman (NW), Sue Peach (SP), Martin Whiteley (MJW), John Fisher (JF),and Jane Boden (JEB). Glen Fiddy (GF) arrived later.

  1. Apologies were received from Alison Barnett
  2. Minutes from the previous 2 meetings, 14 Nov 2019 & 26 Jan 2020, were approved.
  3. Matters arising:
    1. 14-11-19 item 3d – JEB thought she had spoken to Anthony Cotton and/or Christian Peckham re Young Ringers attendance. JEB to check with APC/CP. APC advised he has an attendance book.
    2. 14-11-19 item 4c – JEB had spoken to Anthony Cotton regarding putting the peals on BellBoard, without a conclusive outcome. JEB to speak to APC.
    3. 26-01-20 – Changes to 6 and 8 bell rules – these had appeared in 3 places on the web; notes of meeting, news item, and rules. DJ had checked that they were all the same version.
    4. 26-01-20 item 5a – Proposed 10 bell contest – deferred to next meeting as GF had not arrived.
  4. Annual Report. MJW stated that 28-02-2020 was the deadline and he was still receiving reports. He would send out a draft copy of the report for this Group to check/proofread. Accepts that the BRF was meeting on 04-03-2020. It was agreed that MJW would indicate in the report which Association Officers are on the Management Group.
  5. AGM draft agenda was agreed. JEB to email all Association Officers to check that they are willing to stand. Aware that General Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Annual Report Secretary and one Trustee are standing down. Job descriptions are needed for the Report Secretary and Trustee – MJW and JF would write these and email to DJ/JEB prior to being put on the web site with the other job descriptions.
  6. Mike Banks and Robin Lyon were proposed as Bell consultants by DJ and seconded by JEB and all concurred. JEB to email both.
  7. Janet Foulds was proposed as Safeguarding Officer by DJ seconded by MJW and all concurred. CT commented that the Diocese regarded him as ‘The Bell ringers’ Vicar’. JEB to email Janet.
  8. NW reported that the creation of a Rope Store was ongoing but he would contact John Booth from BRF Committee by 15-02-20 regarding the details and then notify the Management Group.
  9. NW stated he would discuss with Gill Hughes from Education Committee the organisation of an Association mid week practice. He had hoped to book Bradbourne and Brassington, but the churches were not available that day. He was suggesting a Wednesday rather than Friday to avoid weekend traffic.
  10. AOB;
    1. CT had produced a letter which he was proposing to distribute to all towers regarding Training Towers and Teachers (see appendix). JEB pointed out that the Southern District had prepared a questionnaire for their towers and following a review of the replies were planning on put on 3 training events 1. Plain hunt/bob doubles, 2. Raising and lowering and 3. Beyond plain minor ie surprise minor/major. 2 or 3 potential students would be targeted or by invitation. MJW asked should the Management Group review the Education Committee’s role to ensure it is ‘fit for purpose’. DJ mentioned that the Gordon Halls Ringing Centre was available for courses and was facilitating an ‘ART’ course in May.
    2. Derby St Luke’s – it had become known that there were difficulties with the Vicar allowing access for use of the bells. CT would raise the matter with the Diocese.
  11. Date of next meeting Wednesday 25th March 2020.


Draft letter to all towers:

Recognising Training Towers & Teachers

An appeal to towers bands and individuals asking if they are prepared to be recognised as Training Towers and bell handling teachers. If you or your tower is prepared to help train new recruits or developing ringers move to more challenging change ringing then we ask that you declare your interest in this scheme.

Why are we proposing this scheme? Because we sometimes lose people new to bell ringing when they don’t know where they can get basic bell handling training, or don’t receive the necessary encouragement to continue through the frustrations of early development. That is stage one, however many ringers only get the bug for ringing once they move on into change ringing so we need a second stage of developing from call changes to change ringing. Whilst both stages require a supportive band around the learner it is more challenging to find bands that can supply the second stage. We believe that having recognised training towers will ensure that more recruits to bell ringing get the training they need and stay with it.

There will be some towers that are only interested in developing their own tower band, we like to hear from you too. Hopefully we can find others that would be happy to include temporary ringers from neighbouring towers at their practice sessions in order to get the training input that their home tower feels unable to supply. Obviously, numbers of learners need to be such that they do not upset or overwhelm the local band.

Please help us in this scheme by replying to the short survey below:

1. Your name and tower?

2. Do you think that this scheme is a worthwhile initiative?

3. Do you think that your tower might be interested in being recognised as a training tower?

4. If so, then is what way – basic handling, moving on the change ringing, or both these?

5. Are there ringers in the band that might join in a neighbouring tower practice so support