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4th Management Group Meeting

4th Management Group Meeting 14th November 2019. (from notes by Jane Boden)

Present were; Don Jones (DJ),  Rev Clive Thrower (CT), Lynne Newton (LN), Neil Westman (NW), Martin Whiteley (MW), Rev Harold Dobbin (HD) and Jane Boden (JEB).
1. Apologies for absence were received from Glen Fiddy and Richard Brooke.
2. Notes from last meeting 21st August 2019, having been circulated were accepted.
3. Matters arising
a. Education Committee meetings – these monthly meetings, to which Ringing Masters and PRO are also invited, are held via video link. Andrew Hall (AEH) as Chair records them, so they can be revisited if necessary.
b. Valuation of WW Worthington Cup – a process for recording and valuing the President’s badge and Worthington Cup for insurance purposes was agreed so that they can be included in the 2020 insurance renewal policy.
c. Insurance – awaiting a reply from CCCBR about public liability insurance at private rings.
d. Retaining attendance records, especially DYR – records need to be kept for 5 years. JEB to check that the current DYR leaders are aware of this.

e. Web link for training courses – a Training Request form is now available on the website, so that members can ask for help according to their needs and location.

f. Peak 2020 – the organisers have decided that they do not want bell ringing represented this time, this despite us having offered funding for the event.
g. Communication – we agreed to make the Management Meeting notes available, in summary form, to all on the website.
h. Training towers – work is ongoing to identify and support at least two towers in each District where learners are welcomed and encouraged to receive bell handling skills and/or training in basic method ringing. The Association is keen to assist the promotion of these towers by purchasing training aids as appropriate.
i. Rope bank – this needs to be actioned and towers notified when the scheme is up and running.
j. Association website – AEH has made some changes and it appears easier to use. Some members of the Management Group are testing the changes.
k. Midweek meetings – NW had not organised anything yet, but was encouraged to do so, as previously discussed (i.e. a couple of towers with lunch between). They are envisaged primarily as social events.
4. Matters discussed
a. 75th anniversary celebrations – an initial meeting with the Southwell & Nottingham Diocesan Guild and the Leicester Diocesan Guild on 22/10/18 explored various ideas for jointly celebrating the 75th anniversary of our three organisations during 2021. JEB, MW and Sue Hall to progress this initiative over the coming months.
b. Annual Report – despite a rather muted response to requests for feedback, some useful information had been collected. MW has responded to the feedback in general terms via the website. A printed copy of the report (rather than an online version) will be prepared for the foreseeable future. The cost of the 2019 report will be similar to last year, unless a colour centre-fold is introduced.
c. DDA peal report archive – JEB is investigating the feasibility of putting all c.7000 DDA peals on Bellboard or Pealbase, so that members can access complete records.
5. AOB
a. Horsley Cup – the Peak District will host the competition next year. Discussions about the arrangements for this (and the 2020 AGM and October meeting) have begun with the hosts.
b. Annual Report 2019 – a request for Officers to submit their reports by 31st January 2020 has been distributed, recognising that the Association and BRF Accounts may only be in draft form at that time. The Management Group will read/approve the reports at their next meeting.
Date of next meeting is Tuesday 11th February 2020 at 7.30p.m.