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27th Management Group Meeting


Present: G Fiddy (President), Rev C Thrower, A Hall, C Idle, J E Boden and J Thorpe and M Lawton (Trustees).
1. Apologies for absence These had been received by R Angrave, R Barnett and S Peach

2. Minutes from the 10th September 2023 These were accepted.

3. Matters Arising a. Value of Handbells – on going.

b. DYR – To write to the DY Leaders for piece from DYR for annual report and maybe cover page.
c. Rope band – To check with Webmaster about the siting of this information on the website.
4. Matters for discussion a. Ringing Simulators – Where are we to put information in 2023 Report. In the 2022 Report on a separate page. It was agreed to keep as a separate table from the information; but ‘S’ in tower information to denote ie bold S after number of bells and add GF if appropriate.
b. Annual Report inc cost – a general discussion followed about the number of members currently stands at 630. The Reports for 2021 and 2022 need to be uploaded to web. Agreed that pennies would not be included in the accounts of the General Fund and BRF fund.
Membership Form – agreed to add ‘see webpage’, can pay online and due 1st January (unless Rule 4 election).
The website will be checked for accuracy.
Section 7 (in 2022 Report) – ensure the correct year in first paragraph (mistake in 2022 AR). Try to ‘tidy up’ no correspondence information.
Agreed that a list of past Presidents and Secretaries would be put in the Annual Report and on the website.
The cost for printing 850 reports was agreed there was only about £200 difference between 500-850 copies.
Reports to be sent to CH by end of January 2024 – the accounts may not be independently examined by then.
At the ADMs it was agreed to ask members if they wanted a ‘hard’ copy AR.
c. Association Rules – Still being discussed.

d. Ringing 2030 – Need to encourage younger ringers and would write to District Secretaries. There would be an initiative to recruit around Buxton with the College and junior schools.

5. Safeguarding A framework had been agreed by the Bishop of Derby and Diocesan Safeguarding team which needed approval by the Management Group. We must keep attendance records in towers and at meetings. It is hoped that the document would be out in the next
2/3 weeks but before Christmas. All Safeguarding training and DBS checks would be the responsibility of the Parish safeguarding Officers not the DDA. DBS check apply for where you ring as a regular member.
The Association Safeguarding team were thanked for their efforts over the last 2 years.

6. Ratification of business carried out by email – Ratification of REF September 2023 – The grant was approved. It was noted that it was necessary to record income and expenditure by both the Treasurer and BRF Treasurer so each knew the balance of the Fund
7. AOB a. DYR trip to York – an email had been received from DYR Leader regarding extra costs incurred by the DYR at York these were agreed.
b. Paying in slips for cash payments to the Coop band account were now available. It was also agreed to have an online deposit fund for the general fund.