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22nd Management Group Meeting

22nd Management Group Meeting held on Sunday 5th February 2023 at Coombs Croft, Bakewell with 2 Officers joining via Zoom. (from notes by JEB)

Present:– In person – Don Jones (President) (DJ); Rev Clive Thrower (CT); Andrew Hall(AEH); John Thorpe (JT); Glen Fiddy (GF); Mike Lawton (ML); Richard Barnett (RB); Annetta Ives (AI); Via Zoom – Jane Boden (JEB); Sue Peach (SP).

  1. Apologies for absence

    None, all present.

  2. Previous meeting

    The minutes of the previous meetings held on 21st August 2022 and 28 November 2022 having been circulated were accepted.

  3. Matters Arising


  4. Items for Discussion

    a. Appointment of Bell  Consultant(s):– This item was deferred until item 7 below.

    b. Appointment of Safeguarding OfficerJanet Foulds was re-appointed unanimously

    c. Role of the PRO – The current PRO Sue Hall had proposed splitting the role. In the discussion that followed AEH stated that Sue was willing to continue in the role. It was accepted that if anyone volunteered to assist Sue, she could accept the assistance and they could divide the role among themselves

    d. Annual Report – Number of Copies – Carol Hallam the Report Secretary suggested 750 copies; however JEB pointed out that although the membership had fallen there were new members in the Peak District and potential new members in the Central District. It was proposed by CT and seconded by AEH that we printed 850 copies.

  5. Acceptance of Various reports

    Reports from the President, General Secretary, Peal Secretary and Young Ringers were accepted after minor corrections. Other reports had been received by the Report Secretary directly.

  6. Association Insurance
    AI reported that the insurance had been paid. JEB pointed out that she was the correspondent address and wondered if this should in future be the Treasurer. AI reported that she was unable to stand for Office at the AGM and it was suggested to leave this until after the AGM.

  7. Officer Vacancies
    DJ reminded the meeting that he had stated at the last AGM that he would be retiring from the role of President in April 2023. AI stated that she could no longer continue as Treasurer.
    John Thorpe was proposed by AEH and seconded by RB as Bell Consultant, it was accepted that he must have a second person present during inspections and he could co-opt assistance as he saw fit. This was carried. He would also retire as BRF Treasurer at the AGM.
  8. Other Business
    1. St James Whitfield – These bells had not been rung in recent years as they had received complaints re sound control. They do have an Ellacombe chime and required assistance with simple maintenance on the system and how to ring it. Concern was expressed that this may mean the ringers are dismissed so they are not helping the church. It was agreed that the Bell Consultant would look into this matter with assistance from Carol Hallam who lives in Glossop. There is an article on the web on servicing and ringing Ellacombe chimes
    2. Chatsworth Country Fair – GF introduced this item, the fair is held on the first weekend of September annually and felt this to be a good platform for PR and possible recruitment. An approach had been made and we are on the list for Charity Stands.
    3. Learn to ring enquiries – JEB had received an email from the Secretary of the CCCBR regarding an Association contact for the Ring for the King campaign. She had spoken to Steve Harpham Chair of the Education Committee and as the DDA already has an email, address that should be used.
    4. Mid-week practice – AEH stated that pre Covid Neil Westman had suggested having a monthly mid-week practice and he proposed to start this later in the year.
    5. Enhancement Fund – JT updated the meeting on the enhancement fund, as the BRF was set up to support bell installations and excluded fabric work. In recent years the rules have been relaxed to give assistance for roof/louvre/weatherproofing which may affect the ringing of the bells. It was proposed that we should assist in supporting the fabric to allow the operation of the bell installation which may not be a high priority with the Parish. CT would speak to Senior Clergy. JT thought that the BRF Committee could review their rules subject to the Charity Commissioners’ approval. As the general fund had only set aside £2,000 for the years 2021 and 2022 DJ proposed second by AI that a further £4,000 should be allocated to the Enhancement Fund to ensure any applications could be funded at an appropriate level.
  9. Date of next Meeting: To be agreed between JEB & DJ..