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21st Management Group Meeting

21st Management Group Meeting held on Monday 28th November via Zoom (from notes by JEB)

Present:– Don Jones (President) (DJ); Rev Clive Thrower (CT); Annetta Ives (AI); Andrew Hall(AEH); John Thorpe (JT); Glen Fiddy (GF); Mike Lawton (ML); Richard Barnett (RB); Jane Boden (JEB) and Carole Hallam (CH Report Secretary)

Prior to the meeting Don informed those present of the death of John Dean from Hartington. John had been an original member of the new Hartington band formed in the mid 2000’s.

This was a special meeting principally to discuss Annual Report matters.

  1. Apologies for absence

    Apologies had been received from Sue Peach;

  2. Safeguarding

    CT reported that he had attended the Clergy Conference, he also reported that he and Janet Foulds were still in discussion with the diocese over what training was required by Tower Captains and Leaders. He had just received a table from the Diocese and Tower Captains need the same level of training as Organists and Choir Master. Action:  CT to circulate details.

  3. Annual Report

    CH stated that she had received a quote of £1,180 for 900 copies from Mercia Images, this is an increase of £96 from the cost of the 2021 report. It was agreed that CH needed to speak with Gillian Hallas (Membership Secretary) regarding how many members we have. CT needs about 120 for the BRF.
    CH to seek quotes for 800 and 850 reports. Delivery would be 7th April 2023 in time for the AGM on 22nd April 2023; she would also ask about the cost of delivery to Allestree.  Action: CH to obtain costings.

  4. Tower Correspondent

    Not all Tower Correspondents are ringers, if there are no ringers, we would use the name of a Church Warden or Incumbent it is acknowledged that sometimes there is no email address and using the post in these instances is essential.

  5. Simulators

    The Education Committee was gathering information on which towers have a simulator. Hopefully to be included in the 2022 Report.

  6. News Articles
    These were introduced in the 2021 report and it was accepted that these had been mainly about the Peak District; all Districts are to be encouraged to submit articles.

  7. Platinum Jubilee

    It was agreed that a report of the ringing for the Platinum Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth II’s death, and Accession would be included and looking forward to the 2023 Coronation, there may be articles on local ringing and some photos

  8. Cover

    This would be ‘traditional’ not aimed specifically at the Royal Events of 2022.

  9. Adverts

    All the 2021 Advertisers have confirmed, the Ringing World wanted a colour ad. Mendip ropes still have not paid for 2021 and would not be approached.

  10. Report on Website

    RB asked who had put the previous years on the Website as 2021 needed to be added. Need to remove addresses and personal details

  11. Enhancement for Ringing Fund

    DJ agreed to consult with JT and CT and between them write an article on the enhancement fund for the 2022 report. Action: CT, JT, DJ to provide a report.

  12. Deadline

    CH suggested that all Reports be with her by the end of January 2022; JT pointed out that he may be waiting for bank statements and he and AI needed the accounts to be signed off by the Independent Examiners. Action: JEB to notify all Officers.

  13. Numbers of spare reports held by Districts

    JEB would email all District Secretaries to find out how many spare copies we have; this might affect the number of copies we order. Action: JEB to email District Secretaries.

  14. Subs letters to towers

    Need to ensure that Towers have a deadline to return Tower Lists to the Membership Secretary – suggest email dates out. Action: The Membership Secretary to send reminders.