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20th Management Group Meeting

20th Management Group Meeting held on Sunday 21st August at Coombs Croft, Bakewell (from notes by JEB)

Present:– Don Jones (President) (DJ); Rev Clive Thrower (CT); Andrew Hall(AEH); John Thorpe (JT); Glen Fiddy (GF); Mike Lawton (ML); Richard Barnett (RB); Jane Boden (JEB) and Janet Foulds (JF).

  1. Apologies for absence

    Apologies for absence had been received from Annetta Ives (Treasurer). Andrew Hall was reintroduced to the Group; Janet Foulds (Safeguarding Officer) was introduced.

  2. Previous meeting

    The notes of the 19th Management meeting held on Sunday 15th May 2022 having been previously circulated were taken as read and were accepted.

  3. Matters Arising

    a. Safeguarding – JF introduced this item. She and CT had been in discussion with the Diocesan Officers and felt that they were establishing a good working relationship with the Diocese. JF emphasised the need for Tower Captains/Ringing Masters to have a good awareness and how to manage the risk. Unfortunately, there had been cases within the Diocese, but these had been dealt with in the appropriate manner. There is training available but there is a back log of diocese training currently. Hannah Hogg from the Diocese had spoken with the Bishop but Ringers would not receive separate training from other Church Groups. Tower Captains and District Ringing Masters need to be aware of the procedures. No doubt our Ringing records would be audited in the future. We need to be aware that Management Arrangements for Offenders can be in place; we need to remember that Offenders can always be a risk, as they are never cured as someone with a drink/drug problem may be. If Tower Captains think there is an issue, they must follow the Diocesan protocol (rather than the Association); if there is no Incumbents then it is the Rural Deans’ responsibility. JF to propose key requirements for Management Group who would circulate. Regular feedback is essential and JF/CT happy to give feedback on an ad hoc basis. Action: JF to provide key requirements for the Management Group to circulate.

    b. Enhancement Fund –  A brief discussion took place regarding promoting this fund and ensuring that the Young Ringers & their Leaders are aware that this
    is available. It was also asked if the name of the Fund was correct in its representation.

    c. Membership CertificatesA draft prepared by Sue Hall had been previously circulated to members of both the Management Group and Education Committee and was accepted. Sue was congratulated and thanked for her work.

    d. Wombel Modification:– JT had spoken to Mike Banks who had originally built the Wombel about modifications. Action: JT to discuss further with MB.

    e. Mobile Belfry 2: DJ had replied to Simon Linford the President of the Central Council. The Education Committee and Management Group had discussed this item and had felt that the Association would not have sufficient use of it (see Minutes from the 19th Meeting).

  4. Items for Discussion

    a. Website/database:– Both AEH/RB were present. All available files have been made available to RB from AEH but there was still some collusion on some of the “backend” processes required. There followed a technical discussion on the various aspects of the website. It was agreed that RB would use a copy of the website to explore options for possible future modifications to the website. It was acknowledged that the email system seemed to be the biggest problem and may require some expenditure to sort this out, this was accepted. AEH noted that not all the Districts were using the calendar which was accessed via Google. JEB would check with the District Secretaries. Action: RB to look into the web/email system. JEB to contact District Secretaries regarding use of Calendar.

    b. Subscription rate for 2023in AI’s absence DJ had sought her view on this and it was proposed and accepted that there would be no change for

    c. Grant to the Fund to enhance ringing following a discussion regarding funding the BRF or the new fund it was agreed to add a further £1,000 to the enhancement fund rather than the BRF, which was still in a ‘healthy’ state. It was also agreed that the fund would be publicised at the October meeting.

    d. Triennial review of Districts CT proposed, and it was agreed that this should be deferred for 3 years. It was also agreed that we would look at the new proposed Diocesan Deanery borders to see if this was a sensible structure for the DDA too. JEB would look at these for the next meeting. Action: JEB to review new Deanery boundaries.

  5. Agenda for 1st October 2022 General Meeting

    The Draft Agenda for the October Meeting to be held on Saturday 1st October 2022 was accepted.

  6. Other Business
    a. JEB had heard from Carol Hallam the Report Secretary that there was one Advertiser who had not paid. b New Bell Consultants: JEB enquired if there was any progress on finding replacement Bell Consultants.  JT replied that he was working with them and Giles  Lacey was also helping out. JEB had suggested Tom Infanti from Derby Cathedral but he worked full time, so it was difficult arranging inspections with him at the
    current time.

  7. Date of next meeting: DJ to arrange a Doodle Poll towards the end of October.