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18th Management Group Meeting

18th Management Group Meeting held on Wednesday 2nd March by Zoom (from notes by JEB)

Present:– Don Jones (President) (DJ); Rev Clive Thrower (CT); Annetta Ives (AI); John Thorpe (JT); Mike Lawson (ML); Glen Fiddy (GF); Richard Barnett (RB); Sue Peach (SP); Jane Boden (JEB).

  1. Apologies for absence

    Apologies for absence had been received from Neil Westman (Chesterfield).

  2. Previous meeting

    The notes of the 17th Management meeting held on Sunday 24th January 2022 having been previously circulated and taken as read; an additional sentence to item 4b 75th Anniversary regarding a peal rung by the Leicester, Southwell and Derby Associations was added and the notes were accepted.

  3. Matters Arising

    a. Safeguarding – CT informed the meeting that he and Janet Foulds (JF) had written a report for the 2021 report. CT added that he anticipated another meeting probably late this month, he thought that the Diocesan thought that not all tower captains would require Safeguarding training, but they had identified the Cathedral and Chesterfield as being 2 high profile towers with the Diocesan, but CT had pointed out that Melbourne and Eckington as the GHRC would require their tower captains to have the necessary Safeguarding training as would any towers with young ringers and/or vulnerable adults.

    b. Enhancement Fund – There was a query as to whether we had promised £1,000 or £2,000, we had agreed £1,000 initially but could afford £2,000. CT would be happy that we could support all/any applications; it was accepted that this needed to be published on the web site; JEB proposed that the Management Group could act ex-officio. JT suggested that as we were using membership money that we have a ‘show of hands’ at the AGM to approve this initiative. c. Membership Certificates – JEB had suggested to leave this item until after the AGM; she had emailed a copy of the existing certificate to Sue Hall for her opinion/views, and felt that as the next meeting would be hopefully face to face, Sue would be invited. This was agreed. Action: JEB to add to AGM agenda.

    c. Membership Certificates – JEB had suggested leaving this item until after the AGM. She had emailed a copy of the existing certificate to Sue Hall for her opinion/views and felt that as the next meeting would hopefully be face to face Sue could be invited. This was agreed. Action: JEB to include in next agenda.

    d. Inter-District 10 Bell Contest – Both the Peak and Chesterfield Districts had responded positively. SP would remind John Booth (Central) and JEB would remind Pam Timms (Southern). It was hoped to hold the event in 2023. Action: JEB/SP

    e. Draft of the 2021 Annual Report – A 2nd draft had been received by some of the Management Group. DJ would circulate to all members. Everyone to check that the alterations already notified to Carole Hallam (CH), the Report Secretary, were correct in the 2nd draft. Any changes from the 2nd draft please notify CH and copy in DJ. It was understood that the last date for alterations was 11th March. Action: DJ/and all.

    f. Operation London Bridge – The Central Council (CC) had forwarded this to Association Secretaries and DJ/JEB and SH had prepared the notification on our website, but it was felt that as the details were on the CC web page we should circulate to Tower Correspondents. As permission would be necessary from incumbents or Archdeacons during an interregnum. JEB suggested that CT would also talk to the Archdeacons to make them aware of the requirements. DJ to email tower correspondents. Action: DJ to email tower contacts. CT to contact Archdeacons.

  4. Items for Discussion

    a. Training Requests – CH as Secretary of the Education Committee had asked for this item to be included. Assistance was available from the Education Committee for District led training programmes. It was accepted that members were still apprehensive about traveling out of their own towers/Districts since the pandemic, but assistance was available.

    b. 2023 AGM – This was to be hosted by the Central District.  JEB suggested Saturday 22nd April 2023 – twhich was accepted.

    c. Use of Association Calendar – JEB commented that the retiring Webmaster had emailed Secretaries to use the Association Calendar which was accessed using the Google Calendar. JEB knew that Alison Barnett the Southern Secretary had problems and was happy to assist if necessary. She also used Bellboard for Association meetings. SP would remind Sue French – Central Secretary. Action: JEB/SP

  5. Agenda for 2022 AGM

    JEB had circulated a proposed AGM Agenda. There were several minor amends needed and she would ensure all Officers were willing to stand. Action: JEB

  6. Other Business

    a. Where Members are listed – JEB was seeking clarification as to where a member should be listed if they move towers in January/February i.e. move before the report is printed. DJ replied; that so that the details in the report were as correct as possible the membership list closed 31st December; but a member moving towers in January/February of the following year should appear under their ‘new’ tower, this being in line with the reported District Officers being those elected at the ADMs held in January of the new year. Action: JEB to contact Report Secretary, etc.

    b. Central Council Reorganisation – JEB had received an email on 28th February 2022 from Simon Linford the CC’s President regarding the proposed reorganisation of the CC. It was agreed that fewer members would be a good move and accepted that the CC Fee should be based on the number of members rather than on the numbers of Reps. DJ proposed we accepted this proposal which was carried. Action: DJ/JEB to contact Simon Linford of CC.

    c. Mobile Ring – SP raised the question about the proposed new mobile mini-ring. The Education Committee had discussed this topic. DJ stated that they had raised various questions which had been sent to Simon Linford by Elizabeth Heaton on their behalf. Although they had received a reply it had not been conclusive, and the request was mainly financial from Associations but there was no guarantee that we could have use of the belfry should we wish to use it. The belfry was being sponsored by Taylors and based in Loughborough but there was no suggestion that the Associations based in the Midlands would have ‘first call’ on it. The proposed costs could also increase. The Education Committee had yet to respond. RB wondered if this was for Educational proposes; DJ replied it was probably more PR to show potential recruits what we do and hopefully get people into ringing; but would depends on the costs.

  7. Date of next meeting

    JEB suggested that hopefully we could meet in person after the AGM. Venue to be decided but JT and JEB both had room for 10-12 people. Action: DJ/JEB