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17th Management Group Meeting

17th Management Group Meeting held on Sunday 24th January by Zoom (from notes by JEB)

Present:– Don Jones (President) (DJ); Rev Clive Thrower (CT); Annetta Ives (AI); John Thorpe (JT); Mike Lawson (ML); Neil Westman (NW); Glen Fiddy (GF); Richard Barnett (RB); Jane Boden (JEB). Also in attendance Carole Hallam (CH) Annual Report Secretary.

  1. Apologies for absence and welcome to new Members

    Apologies for absence had been received from Sue Peach (Central).

    Richard Barnett (RB) (Southern) was welcomed to the Management Group. Also welcomed was Carole Hallam the Annual Report Secretary who had been invited to the meeting to cover item 3.

  2. Previous meeting

    Notes from the 16th Management Group meeting held on 22nd August 2021 by Zoom, previously circulated and put on the web site, were accepted.

  3. Annual Report

    The cost of the Report and acceptance of Officers’ reports were discussed with Carole Hallam (CH). CH had circulated costings for the report. It was agreed, although we could afford to post the reports, that the reports would be distributed at the AGM this would hopefully encourage members to attend, as a result we would not have to pay for postage plus VAT but we would need to ensure that we had one copy per member, rather than the one per household as in the previous 2 years. It was agreed that we would require about 900 copies; JEB stated that she could collect from the printers. NW asked if the generic email addresses for Officers could be printed, also DJ requested the Association and BRF rules be included.

    The reports from the President and General Secretary were accepted. JT stated that the BRF accounts would be in a similar format but had only just received the bank statement.

    CH had also investigated digital advertising; it was agreed that she should reply that we were looking into it, and we would add to a future agenda. CH also had investigated us attending County Shows etc. this too would be discussed in the future.

    JEB agreed to forward to CH the latest rules etc. for her use.

    CH was thanked for attending the meeting and left following this item.

  4. Matters Arising

    a. Setting up of Standing Orders – AI had this in hand.

    b. 75th Anniversary – Apart from a virtual Dinner hosted by the Leicester DG; the year had been overtaken by Covid 19. However Martin Whiteley was able to organise a peal of Surprise Major on the 18th December involving ringers from all 3 Societies.

    c. Insurance – AI reported that this had been paid. She had had no further feedback from Lichfield Guild on their query over costs to Associations and whether our insurance was duplicating that paid by Parishes.

    d. CCCBR Representation – DJ was monitoring this as there was some debate that the Central Council was to alter the representation from Societies.

    e. It was accepted that good practice dictated that major changes to the website/email system should require Management Group approval.

  5. Matters for Discussion

    a. Safeguarding – CT reported that there was a new training framework, but how it is implemented is down to each Diocese.  Janet Foulds (JF) and CT are to have a meeting in February with the Diocesan Safeguarding Officers and hoped for a moderate view on the implementation.  CT will update the Management Group after the meeting but felt that the website would need updating to show that the safeguarding officer and vice-president have access to member details.  If the Diocese is an official partner then information can also be shared with the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer, however the partnership should be a reciprocal arrangement so that the Association BRF Secretary in particular can access Diocesan details, for instance PCC Secretary names and addresses.  Tower Captains are an incumbent appointment, they may not be the tower contact, and if there is an interregnum then it is the Rural/Area Dean who makes appointments.  JF/CT are trying to compose a list of tower captains to assist in these matters. Action: CT

    b. Enhancement Fund – DJ/CT/JT had discussed this idea and it now needed to be publicised to the Members via the website/report/newsletters. JT had written a paragraph for the BRF report. It was agreed that the BRF Committee would administer at present as the Management Group was represented there by DJ/CT/JT/ML. Funds from the General Account for 2021 still needed to be ring fenced. Action: DJ/CT/JT/ML

    c. JEB had received from the Central Council information on activities following the death of a monarch. She had circulated to DJ and Sue Hall; although some of this information is generally known about it was on a restricted circulation. The details would need to be acted on quickly and would be posted on the Website.

    d. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Ringing was requested for Evensong on 6th February 2022 (Accession Day); and over the Jubilee Bank holiday weekend Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June 2022. It was suggested that JEB contact Sue Hall for inclusion in the ‘not newsletter’.

    e. Membership Certificates – JEB stated that she needs to obtain additional certificates; but did we wish to change the design. It was agreed that for now she should obtain extra copies of the current design. It was also agreed that a new design could be a subject for the future. Action: Possible Redesign of Membership Certificates. 

  6. Appointment of Officers

    a. Bell Consultants – Mike Banks and Robin Lyon were proposed by JEB, seconded by AI, and accepted. DJ stated that he had spoken with Mike Banks who felt that we should also be succession planning for this post but that he was happy to continue for another year.

    b. Safeguarding Officer – Janet Foulds was proposed by JEB seconded by GF and accepted.

    c. Web Master – Richard Barnett was proposed by DJ and seconded by CT. DJ advised that Andrew Hall had expressed a wish to retire last year. DJ would write to Andrew thanking him for his efforts over the last years. It was agreed that if Richard could find a Deputy he should do so, but the Management Group would need to sanction the appointment. It was noted that Janet Foulds and CT in their Safeguarding capacity would require access to the Membership List, this was generally a restricted section of the web. This was agreed subject to the relevant data security being adhered to.

  7. Other Business

    a. Expenses for Zoom – JEB said that she felt we should reimburse Officers who either buy a short-term license or use their personal zoom for Association use. This was accepted, it was likened to hiring of a room for a meeting.

    b. AGM – In the Chesterfield District, they are looking for a venue.

    c. Sue Hall had informed NW that the Chesterfield District was now a “plastic free ally”; she was also promoting the ‘Marmalade’ Awards in the campanology category.

    d. GF stated that he had pre-Covid suggested an Inter-District 10 Bell contest using the WW Worthington Cup; it was accepted as a good idea but possibly not until next year to ensure ringing returns to pre-Covid conditions. Action: JEB to email all District Ringing Masters seeking their views.

  8. Date of next meeting

    Wednesday 2nd March 2022