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16th Management Group Meeting

16th Management Group Meeting held on Sunday 22nd August 2021 by Zoom (from notes by JEB)

Present:– Don Jones (President) (DJ); Rev Clive Thrower (CT); John Thorpe (JT); Mike Lawson (ML); Neil Westman (NW); Glen Fiddy (GF); Jane Boden (JEB).
1. Apologies for absence
Received from Alison Barnett; Sue Peach; Annetta Ives.
2. Previous meeting
Notes from the 15th Management meeting held on 4th July 2021 by Zoom had been previously circulated and put on the web site. Were accepted.
3. Matters Arising
3a. Rope Bank – DJ reported this was now available to be used on the web site.
3b . Setting up of Standing Order. DJ would discuss this with Annetta Ives (AI) and the ‘ dongle’ for the Trustees to use. Action DJ to speak to AI
3d. 75th Anniversary – it was unlikely that the events would happen this year; JEB had heard that Martin Whiteley was arranging a Peal with members of all 3 Associations; she thinks we may celebrate as 75+1. Action JEB/GF to monitor
4a. Insurance – query from other Association – DJ would discuss this with AI outside the meeting. Action DJ to speak to AI
4c. CCCBR representation – nothing further had been received regarding this. Action DJ to monitor
4. Matters for discussion
a. October Meeting and 8 bell striking contest – the Central District were organising this and were still negotiating for a tower. GF had spoken to Richard Taylor from Darley Dale as a possible alternative. It was agreed that tea will be tea and cakes only.
b. Returning to Ringing – DJ stated that the Gordon Halls Ringing Centre was running fresher courses for those who wanted them; across the 4 districts it was apparent that ringing was beginning to happen especially for Sunday services and some practice nights.
c. Email system and website – Concern was expressed that AEH had attempted to change the systems without reference to his deputy or any of the Officers. This would need to be addressed in the future. DJ would discuss how the database/membership list are kept with Andrew Hall (AEH)/ Richard Barnett (RB). Action DJ to speak to AEH/RB
5. AOB
a. Subscriptions for 2022 would recommend a Nil increase but DJ would discuss with the AI and would contact the Membership Secretary Gill Hallas (GH) to check on who had paid. Action DJ to contact AI and GH
b. Grant to BRF – it was agreed that there would be no grant to BRF but £1,000 would be ring-fenced for the Enhancement Fund.
c. CT reported that he and Janet Foulds (JF) had had a successful meeting with the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer. He would give a fuller report at the next meeting. Action CT to report back.
6. Date of next meeting
Would be fixed up after the October General Meeting, it was proposed to hold an in-person meeting at 1 The Green. Action DJ to arrange.