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29th Management Group Meeting


Present : G Fiddy (President) GF; Rev C Thrower (CT); S Harpham (SH); E Heaton (EPH); J Boden (JEB); J Thorpe (JT) (Trustee) in Bakewell. A Hall (AEH), C Idle (CI) and M Lawton (ML) (Trustee) by zoom.

1. Apologies for absence had been received from R Taylor.
2. Minutes from the 15th February 2024 Meeting. The minutes of the 28th Management meeting having been previously circulated were accepted and taken as read.

3. Matters Arising a. Handbells – on loan but needed for the proposed Dinner on 6th July.
b. Safeguarding – Following the Safeguarding agreed with the Diocese all ringers should have been contacted via their Parish Safeguarding Officer. It was pointed out that the out of Diocese towers eg Marchington and Beighton should be contacted by their parish via their
Diocese. Unattached members should opt for training with their ‘appropriate’ tower (ie where they ring regularly) unless non-

There are 3 private rings in the Diocese, ringers there are to follow their ‘usual’ tower. Unattached members and the private rings would be contacted to inform them of the process. Most ringers needed to complete Basic Training

c. Annual Report – These had been printed and would be distributed at the AGM.

4. Item for Discussion a. Ratification of REF business – It had been decided to adjust the £1,000 to Derby Cathedral for a dumb bell, as they had stated there was a delay on obtaining the dumb bell and requested £350 for new sensors – this was agreed but more information to cost was required. JEB and EPH abstained from voting on this item.
It was noted that the Cathedral did not have any water now in the ringing chamber and it had been suggested that industrial cleaning wipes should be used. The Bell Consultant expressed concern and suggested a scraper/brush could be used on the frame.
b. AGM Agenda including ensuring Officers are standing for re-election
The proposed agenda was accepted subject to two items of information to be added.
The Report Secretary having completed 3 years in post was standing down.
The 4 CC reps were content to be re-elected. It was felt generally desirable to encourage younger ringers to stand.
c. Grant to DYR for their entry into the Midlands Young Ringers Contest. The DYR had recently entered into this contest and won the call
change section. Congratulations were expressed. A contribution to the cost of the 6 teas was agreed.

d. Role description – Two new role descriptions for District Ringing Master and District Committee Members had been written and these had been circulated prior to the meeting. Ringing Master – this was accepted but the obtaining of a Judge was the District Committee’s responsibility not the Ringing Master. District Committee to include Young Ringers, Education reps and BRF Trustees – again accepted but the BRF Committee rep had to satisfy the requirements of the Charity Commissioners and the post is ratified at the AGM.

5. Association Rules including striking contests – Association Rules – ongoing. 8 Bell Striking Rules – to be reviewed; 6 Bell Striking Rules – No decision would be made until the Autumn, but concern was expressed about the loss of the bonus in the Horsley Cup section of the contest.

6. Ratification of Business carried out by email – There had been none.

7. AOB a. The newsletter from the CCCBR Library and their annual subscription had been received.
b. A request regarding vinyl recordings had been received. The Secretary had replied that the Association did not have.
c. There were still some wooden artefacts that had made from old wooden frames some years ago. It was agreed that these be taken to the AGM to be sold with any money going to the BRF.
d. Photos of peal boards – National project to photo peal boards. The secretary replied work had started in Derbyshire but there was an issue regarding linking photos to the peal records.
e. ART awards – Two winners were to be presented with their awards at the AGM.

8. Date of next Meeting 22nd June 2024 at Horsley.