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15th Management Group Meeting

15th Management Group Meeting held on Sunday 4th July 2021 (from notes by JEB)

Present:– Don Jones (DJ) President; Rev Clive Thrower (CT); Annetta Ives (AI); Jane Boden (JEB); John Thorpe (JT); Mike Lawton (ML); Alison Barnett (AB); Glen Fiddy (GF); Sue Peach (SP).

1. Apologies for absence Received from Neil Westman.

2. Minutes/Notes Minutes/notes from the 14th Management meeting held by Zoom on Friday 14th May 2021 were taken as read as they had been previously circulated.

3. Matters Arising a. 14-05-2021 item 3c Rope Bank DJ had been in discussion with John Booth; DJ showed the meeting the proposed web page with an email link to John Booth as Rope Bank Coordinator, who would have access to the control spread sheet. Once DJ and John Booth had tested the page it would go live. Action: DJ

b. 14-05-2021 item 8b Standing Order for the CCCB Library AI reported that she had received the 2 ‘dongles’ for the 2 Trustees, which will enable them to countersign online. She would forward to JT and ML. She would then be able to set up the Standing Order. Action: AI

c. 14-05-2021 item 8e Bank signatures for online bankingsee b above.

d. 14-05-2021 item 7d 75th Anniversary – JEB reported that she had emailed Jim Crabtree from Nottingham, he would think about holding another meeting but in view of the restrictions currently in place was not sure that the Southwell & Nottingham calendar would be produced this year. JEB pointed out that 2027 would be the Derby Diocese’s 100th anniversary. Action: JEB to monitor

e. 14-05-201 item 8d Fund for Enhancement of Ringing – see also CT email dated 31-05-2021. As DJ/CT/JT had been unable to meet it was agreed to defer to the next meeting.

AI thought it was a good idea but felt the account for the fund should be separate from the General Fund. GF stated that as membership subs are modest maybe members would wish to make a voluntary contribution to this new fund. Action: DJ/CT/JT to meet and report to next meeting

4. Matters for discussion a. Insurance – AI had received a request from Lichfield & Walsall Diocesan Assoc (LWDA) regarding how much insurance was paid by DDA and the level of cover. It was agreed that we could share the ‘core’ information i.e. no policy number or band details. AI would involve Luke Heaton who had arranged our insurance. There had been a thought that ringers may be covered by PCCs insurance, however it was pointed out that with our insurance we know that we are covered. LWDA were also consulting with their neighbouring Association; it was pointed out that may be our premium could be reduced but not our cover if joint applications were made. Action: AI to speak to Luke Heaton & report at next meeting

b. October Meeting 2021 and 8 bell Striking Contest – The signs of holding the meeting with ringing on 2nd October 2021 are positive. Action: SP to liaise with Central District Committee and report back to next meeting.

c. CCCB representation – DJ had circulated prior to the meeting an email received from the President of the Central Council dated 21-06-2021. It referred to the outstanding proposal from the CRAGs group which reviewed the Central Council to reduce the size of the Council.

In the email these three questions were put to Associations’ Principals:-

1. How important is it to your society that the Council tackles the challenge set by CRAG and reduces the number of representatives this September? The MG were in favour of this.

2. What are your views of the three options for reducing the numbers of representatives set out in this paper –

a. Single representative attends the business meeting, with additional representatives who act in a liaison role

b. Reduced number of tiers with a maximum of 3 representatives per society, rather than 6 at present –

c. Introduction of proxy voting, meaning that all your society’s votes can be exercised but without all your representatives needing to attend each business meeting.

The MG preferred option b. ‘a reduced number of Representatives’ with option a. as a second preference. The MG does not support option c.

3. Would you be prepared to attend very occasional meetings of the leaders of the Council’s 50 or so societies to discuss major strategic initiatives and/or be part of a new discussion network of ringing leaders? It was felt this was a good idea and DJ had already indicated that he would be happy to attend occasional meetings to represent the DDA. Action: DJ to email Simon Linford with MG views

d. Small Societies application – JEB had received an email from Mary Bone (Secretary of the CCCB) stating that the CC had received an application for Small Societies status at the CC from a Derbyshire group of ringers. It was felt that the DDA had no mandate to decide either way on any applications, nor would we wish to have. Action: JEB to reply to Mary Bone

e. Return to Ringing – DJ introduced this topic. More towers are ringing 6 bells on Sundays and some towers are holding time limited practice nights for 6 ringers. Wedding ringing is also restarting, especially as the number of guests at weddings is being increased. DJ stated that the Education Committee is acting upon the recent questionnaire sent to towers which included enquiring about needs to recruit/train ringers. The MG is supportive of the Education Committee contacting towers to give assistance where requested. Action: DJ to contact Education Committee

5. AOB a. Renewal of the Zoom licence – DJ stated that the licence for Zoom would expire early August 2021. It was felt that we would not need to renew as ringing is opening up, however, it was accepted that Management Group Meetings in the winter months could still be held by Zoom but by using the ‘free’ 40 minutes application. We also have the option of buying a monthly licence, if the situation demands.

6. Date of next meeting To be determined by Doodle Poll. Action: DJ to arrange.