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14th Management Group Meeting

14th Management Group Meeting, Friday 14th May 2021 (from notes by JEB)

Present: Don Jones (DJ) (President), Rev Clive Thrower (CT), Annetta Ives (AI), John Thorpe (JT), Mike Lawton (ML), Glen Fiddy (GF), Neil Westman (NW), Jane Boden (JEB); also, in attendance Carole Hallam (CH) and Gill Hallas (GH).

1. Apologies for absence

Apologises had been received from Alison Barnett and Sue Peach.

2. Introductions of new Members and new Officers

Mike Lawton (ML) Trustee and Annetta Ives (AI) Treasurer were introduced and welcomed to the Management Group. Carole Hallam (Report Secretary) and Gill Hallas (Membership Secretary) were introduced as new Officers of the Association and welcomed to their new roles within the Association.

3. Minutes of 13th Meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held 3rd March 2021 were taken as read having previously been circulated and were available on the website.

4. Matters Arising

3a – Job Descriptions – These had now been placed on the website.

3c – Rope Bank – DJ had discussed this with John Booth (Central BRF) and was just waiting for confirmation of an email address. Action: DJ

5b – JEB and Sue Hall (PRO) were putting together a ‘monthly’ circular which was emailed to Tower Captains and members who had signed up to receiving emails via the website. This could not be called a newsletter and may not happen every month but as and when information needed to be distributed.

8b – It was agreed that AI would set up a Standing Order/Direct Debit once she had full access to the accounts and pay the CC Library its annual subscription. Action: AI

8e – Online banking was agreed as the way forward. AI was happy with this as were the 2 Trustees. Lloyds Bank have an online account available which requires 2 signatories, but they are not taking on any new customers at the moment. Action: AI

8d – Fund for taking ringing forward. CT spoke to this. Although Towers can apply for grants from the BRF for work connected with the bells it was felt that there was a need for a central fund where ringers could apply for money to enhance the ringers’ environment. The BRF was unable to support grants for eg new carpets in the ringing chamber because of the BRF’s charitable status and PCCs may be unhappy at the redistribution of their donations. JT pointed out that currently the BRF fund was in a healthy position and the normal grant to the BRF from the general fund could be redirected to this new fund, at least at present. It was proposed that DJ, CT and JT would bring forward a proposal to the Management Group to be put forward eventually to the Membership.

Action: DJ/CT/JT

5. Appointment of Webmaster

Following the change to the rules at the AGM a Webmaster needed to be appointed. Andrew Hall had indicated that he was willing to carry on in the role. It was proposed by NW and seconded by CT that Andrew Hall be appointed with Richard Barnett acting as his Deputy. This was accepted.

6. Items for Discussion

a. Level of Subscription and insurance premium.

It was felt that as there has been no reduction in insurance premium the subscription rate should remain at £10. Two thirds of the membership have already paid for 2021. Although there has been little ringing for more than 12 months, ringers generally are used to pay to ring, eg tower fees, peal fees etc. and the subscription to the DDA is not normally a factor in this. Consequently, this is not felt a reason to reduce subs. Costs for the Association remain at similar levels. The level of subscriptions will as normal be reviewed prior to the October General Meeting

b. Summer Meeting 2021 – date and format – hosted by Chesterfield District.

In view of the restrictions in place until 21st June it would be difficult to organise but hopefully a ground floor ring may be arranged. DJ stated that the GHRC would be holding ‘familiarisation’ sessions soon. It was pointed out that a return to ringing would be led by towers and their bands, but would ringers feel happy going to a meeting? Some practice nights are to be restarted by invitation only to comply with the ‘rule of 6’ indoors.

c. Discussion regarding the results of the Recovery and Survival survey.

DJ shared the responses to the survey he had received from DDA towers initiated by his involvement with the National Recovery & Survival Group. He felt it was positive that he had received 48 replies; it had been acknowledged there was a concern over a shortage of ringers, and some ringers not returning; mostly it was felt that there were few problems with the fabric of the towers.

Help would be available to towers if they request assistance. This was to be discussed at the next Educational Committee meeting. Action: DJ

7. AOB

a. JEB proposed and it was agreed that she would organise for some flowers and a thank you card to be sent to Lynne Newton, who had retired as Treasurer at the AGM.

b. Next year’s AGM will be on Saturday 2nd April 2022 in the Chesterfield District, the Summer meeting and 6 bell finals at Horsley hosted by the Central District and the October Meeting and 8 bell contest on Saturday 1st October in the Southern District.

c. JEB reported that Anne Westman had informed her that she would not be standing as an Independent Examiner this year.

d. DJ enquired about the 75th Anniversary events (delayed). JEB would contact the Sub Committee and report back. Action: JEB

8. Date of next Meeting

To be determined by Doodle Poll. Action: DJ to arrange.