Subscriptions Help

The subscription payment system is intended to simplify and automate, as far as possible, subscription payments. Click on Pay subscriptions to view a list of the members of your tower and/or household with outstanding subscriptions.

First of all, check that each category is correct – if it isn’t you will need to reselect Member Services from the menu, and update to the correct one.

For each member you wish to make payment, check the Selected box. Then click on Checkout. This will show the members you have selected. If you want to go back and change things click on Back. Otherwise select the payment method and click on Continue. Note that once you click on Continue, a payment record will have been made, so it is important you follow the instructions from here on!

PayPal You will be presented with a page which explains what to do when you get into PayPal, especially what to do if you change your mind! You can at this stage click on Cancel to return to the subscriptions main page. To proceed with PayPal, click on the Buy Now button. This will take you to the PayPal login screen. If you have a PayPal account, enter your login details – otherwise click on Check Out as Guest and enter your credit/debit card details – and click on Pay Now. This will complete the transaction. If you wish, click on Return to Merchant on completion.

To exit from PayPal without making a payment, you must click on the Cancel and return to Derby Diocesan Association link (in very small print) at the bottom of the page. Please do not use the browser back button Рif you do so your payment will be stuck in a Pending state, and will require some manual intervention to correct it.

Sorry – PayPal is not yet available as an option.

Internet Banking This is a semi-automated alternative to PayPal (in that no-one need go near a post box or bank). It will require some intervention by an administrator.

As with PayPal, if you click on Cancel at this stage, the transaction will be cancelled. Please make a note of the payment information. It is important that we can recognise the payment being made from the transaction reference shown – you must include this when you set up the payment.

It may take several days before an administrator looks at the bank statements. Your payment will remain in a pending state until our reconciliation process is completed.

Cheque If you prefer, you can pay by cheque. Obviously you will need to post it to us, and someone will need to visit a bank. It could take a week or two to complete this process. Again, your payment will remain in a pending state until this has happened.

Note: You will receive an email from the DDA

  • When the transaction is created
  • When payment is received from PayPal (usually within a few minutes), or when the status is set to Complete or Cancelled by an administrator after checking payment details (this could take several days)
  • If you cancel the transaction from within PayPal or by clicking on the Cancel button

Payment History

From the main subscriptions page, click on History. This will show a list of transactions in reverse order (newest first), together with the state:

Pending Payment has been initiated but not yet received
Complete Payment has been completed
Cancelled Payment has been cancelled

And also the method:

paypal Payment has been made by PayPal
bacs Payment has been made by Internet Banking
cheque Payment has been made by Cheque

Click on the transaction reference for details. For Internet and Cheque payments you will be able to Cancel the transaction and start again (only do so if your payment hasn’t been sent) – for PayPal you will need to advise the Membership secretary ( Anthony Cotton