Towers Help

The Towers table holds details for all the towers in the DDA.

Label Details
Tower Tower name
Dedication Dedication (or sub-title for secular rings)
District District the tower is in
County County the bells lie in
Post Code Post code (for Sat Nav location purposes)
OS Grid Ref Ordnance Survey Grid Reference
Latitude Latitude
Longitude and Longitude ((for Sat Nav location purposes)
Bells Number of bells
Tenor Currently held as text [e.g. 10-2-27 (546kg) in G]
Practice times Practice night day and time. Please be consistent, i.e. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat (as these key words are used in the listing by practice night).
Service times Sunday service ringing times. Again be consistent. See the main listing for inspiration.
Car parking Useful information for visitors
Toilet If available state ‘Available’ otherwise leave empty. Or add any other useful details (such as ‘Ask for key’).
Comments Additional information for administrators – not for publication
In the Diocese Check if in the Diocese of Derby
Other Information Additional information for visitors
Dove ID ID for the Dove database
Felstead ID ID for the Felstead peals database ID ID for (but note this is being superseded by Bell Board)
Picture Link to picture in Google Photos
Web site Church (or tower) web site, if available
Facebook Church (or tower) Facebook link, if available
Twitter Church (or tower) Twitter link, if available
Start Date Date tower joined the DDA (if after 01/01/2017)
End Date Date tower left the DDA (if after 01/01/2017)

Note, an Organisation record is also maintained for each DDA tower, but this is excluded from the listing for Organisation records.